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Posted: Tuesday, July 7th, 2015, 7:17 AM
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THANK YOU Beano!!! Wonderful having the blessing of allowing me some R&R time. This has been a real shot in the arm and much needed. Beano and Hatfield were terrific yesterday not only in holding it down but also taking the show to a great place yesterday. Terrific conversation about how we get from here to there during these dog days of summer. Quiet summers are the best kinds of summers to enjoy. We don't need a lot of controversy. Butch Jones during his tenure has done an excellent job of rooting out the bad characters and or keeping potential problem guys on a short leash. The unfolding situation at FSU is every coach's worst nightmare. Just have fun with your buddies, get better and enjoy these lazy hazy days. This doesn't seem like too much to ask. Big Will will be in for me today as I continue to recharge. I really appreciate your understanding through this time.

As for those who say, why Big Will? Well for one thing he's controversial and knowledgeable. Plus, Big Will is in the mix and the hunt these days with a prospect marketing service. He's seen a lot of the better players from the southeast. Should be a lot of recruiting talk on the show. Do I always agree with Big Will? Not hardly. I do appreciate his passion tremendously. Plus I think Big Will calls it like he sees it. Granted. It's very seldom how I see it but that's why they make different types of ice cream.

I'll bet Big Will will have something to say about this today when he fills in for me. Link

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Ah. Not a good sign. I'm not saying the sky is falling but clouds are at least gathering when you read between the lines here. I do believe UT's support folks feel moderately good about Turner making it here. He better or this will be one LONG basketball season in Knoxville. Link Link

Vote early and often. Link

'Former Vols in the NBA Summer League today: Josh Richardson had 13 pts (4-13 FG) and 4 rebs, and Jordan McRae scored 15 pts with 5 rebs.' (Courtesy Patrick Brown Twitter) Also, both guys combined for 14 personal fouls in last night's game. You get 10 fouls per player in Summer League.

Tobias Harris and CJ Watson are both signed to Orlando. Two UT players on one team. For the longest time we had only two players in the entire league.

Josh Dobbs looked great. Link

Derek Dooley...LOL. I meant to participate in this but just never got around to it. It doesn't matter. There's enough on Dooley's short tenure to write a book. Besides Mark Nagi does an excellent job with these. Link

Nike is flying high! Link

Want a scary thought....What do you have to do to get dismissed as a QB from FSU's football family? Freshman QB De'Andre Johnson got the boot last night. What could he have done? He allegedly punched a woman out. He's got to be thinking to himself, Jameis rolled like this. Why not me?

Of course, Johnson NEVER got caught on video. This is awful. Link

Here's a great question....Where are the MEN in this bar? I'm sorry but I could NEVER and I mean NEVER watch a huge man strike a little young woman like this. I call that clown a man loosely. He needed to get knocked out on the spot. Link

The task for non-traditional baseball schools like Nebraska and Tennessee is getting tougher. Link

Mid State Heath is moved by this article on Donnie Tyndall. I must say that I agree with him on that one. Link

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'That was a good article in Donnie Tyndall in the Daily News Journal.

A few key points:

He carries a folder of 20 photos of coaches who got a second chance.

He realizes and states that at the end of the day nobody feels sorry for you. He doesn't feel sorry for himself either.

He realizes and is determined to not quit and keep scrapping and fighting.

His realizes his priorities. Family & friends are more important than basketball.

He knows he has integrity and he is at peace.

Donnie Tyndall is already a success!!!!

I love this firecracker and he is a sure bet to win championships. He will be prepared for the opportunity!


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I say dumpster, you say fire. Link

Is smaller better? Link

I wonder if/when this becomes an issue in Knoxville. Link

It must be so frustrating at the US Soccer level trying to find a way to make World Cup interest translate into growth of the game in professional leagues in the states. The Women's World Cup final did phenomenal #'s. A 15.2 overnight rating on Sunday early evening. 60 Minutes, eat your heart out. As SI's Stewart Mandel put in perspective, the two College Football Playoff semis got 15.3 & 15.5 respectively.

Andres Cantor es numero uno. Link

Concussions are a major issue in Chicago. Link

Arthur Edwards transfers from New Mexico to Bama. Link

Manu is back for the run in 2016. West will be best in 11 months. Can you imagine? David West + Aldridge = trouble for LeBron James and Cavs not to mention your defending champs in Oakland. Link

I've learned for the most part as I've grown to kinda sorta keep politics out of my sports. It's a shame ESPN can't say same. Link

Heartbreaking. Link

Bill Cosby. Sheesh. Link

Sixer basketball fever...Catch it! Link

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