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Posted: Friday, October 9th, 2015, 8:50 AM
Reminder. Tomorrow we are tailgating for Fish Hospitality Pantries in Circle Park in the Tailgate Tennessee area! It's going to be a wonderful time and I hope if you're coming in for the game, you'll come over and see us. If I’ve never met you, it would be an honor to take a picture with you and hang out and share the love of the day and cause.

Thanks to so many of the listeners of the show for helping to get me through this week. It's been kind of depressing to think about how great this season could've been. I say we still have each other and we're alive and well in beautiful East Tennessee so let's congregate and enjoy every moment of this precious football season.

It sure would be amazing to get a win tomorrow in Neyland Stadium. Georgia is beatable. Beleee!

Tennessee will need to play a complete football game and greatly improve after that Arkansas beat down last weekend but stranger things have happened.

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Coach Jerry Glanville made a couple of excellent points regarding Tennessee's defensive philosophy through the first half of 2015. Glanville was questioning Tennessee's response to Arkansas going with '12 personal' (2 tight ends, 1 back) or even 'Green' (2 tight ends, 2 backs). Coach Glanville said Tennessee's insistence on bringing pressure from the middle backers makes little sense in that Tennessee is seeing opponents run away from it constantly. Plus the Vols aren't setting the edge on running plays. The result is poor angle play all over the place.

In fact, Jerry made a point that Arkansas would've converted on that fake fg in the 4th quarter if the ball carrier wasn't as slow as me. Tennessee completely broke contain on that play. This is a part of tomorrow's game that bears watching. If the Vols don't get this rectified tomorrow, Georgia could just run the reeling Vols out of Neyland Stadium. Something tells me UT is going to have an answer for what has been a long and distracting week in Knoxville.

It's Orange Throat Time! He's feeling it though I don’t feel everything he’s saying today.

Orange Throat
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'Random musings as we enter a glorious football weekend in Knoxville ... glorious because these are precious and we live in the greatest community in the country:

THE ELEPHANT (CROWDER) IN THE ROOM: After talking to a lot of people, i believe something happened between Butch Jones and Mack Crowder in a practice setting in August, but I don't believe it rises to the level of abuse. Our chancellor made a comment yesterday in support of Butch, and despite some internet claims, there doesn't appear to be anything on video that supports the idea our HC stepped over the line. Now, does our coach cuss like a merchant marine sailor? Absolutely. He is rough on players. He is wound tighter than a Nik Wallenda line between buildings in Manhattan. There will probably be others that try to pile on, with Butch struggling through a disappointing season, especially former players.

I was struck that Crowder came out of social media silence yesterday with a general statement of support for his team, but did not put the issue to rest. That tells me somebody in his camp thinks this situation can be leveraged for more playing time or a financial gain from Jones and/or the University. If Crowder truly is a VFL and thinks this head coach is a menace to current and future Volunteers, he should say so. If not, he should say nothing inappropriate happened. Am I wrong here, Tony?

Only Vol fans of Beano's vintage will remember the story of the Snail Darter in the 1970s controversy around Tellico Dam and a species that was supposedly going to be endangered. Well, the contemporary version of an endangered species in these parts is something called a Fullback. Hope you noticed that Arkansas used a 6-1, 249-pound version of this species in an antiquated thing called the I-formation in its winning touchdown play. His name was Kendrick Jackson. We used to have these things around Knoxville, but current coaching philosophy doesn't see the need. Big tight ends who actually block seem to have also been outlawed on the UT campus and they were in evidence on the Razorback side.

GLASS HALF FULL: Tony, I love buying a stock with good fundamentals when nobody seems to want it. This Tennessee team still has talent. Jalen Hurd is special. Alvin Kamara is waiting to break out. We know Josh Dobbs can run it in certain situations. These receivers can't possibly be this bad, can they? Same with our defense. This team should rally around it's embattled head coach. Georgia looked terrible against Alabama. We always seem to play Georgia tough, even in this "Lost Decade."

GLASS HALF EMPTY: This Tennessee team is going in the wrong direction. We won't get the passing game going against good defenses with Dobbs at QB, and we can't beat a good team without it. There is inexplicable dysfunction on this Tennessee defensive staff and obvious youth and talent problems at certain positions.

PREDICTION (5-1 ATS): The contrarian view, which often wins, would tell you that Tennessee is primed for a big game and I think we will show up with a loose, hungry team in this game. However, i can't shake the fact our defense is playing so poorly and unless Benny Hinn intervenes with Curt Maggitt, i don't see relief anytime soon. If you're placing a friendly wager, i would say a small bet on the under of 60 and I wouldn't touch the spread, although I think Georgia probably covers the -3. Something like 34-24, Dogs.

Orange Throat'

Throaty: On the Crowder deal. I wasn't there. And quite frankly this story makes my stomach turn. That said I completely disagree with you on what Crowder should do. Crowder's obligations as I see them are to go to school, represent his team and state with class and play hard for his teammates. Otherwise it's not his responsibility to exonerate his coach when it appears that his family feels there is a grievance here. Also, I think it’s rather presumptuous to think that they are in this for a money grab. Again I wasn't there and don't really have much solid on the incident in question. I've maintained that this deal won't be over until the family decides that it is. From Mac's tweets yesterday that's obviously not the case as I write this. Sorry do disagree with you so vociferously OT, but I will always defend players against the machine. No offense. I love you. Hope you understand. On a lighter note, you do get triple bonus points for working Beano, the snail darter and Benny Hinn into this piece. Well done!

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Posted: Thu, Oct 8th, 7:07 PM
by Beano
Posted: Wed, Sep 30th, 11:03 AM
by Doink
He Butch'ed It!
Posted: Wed, Sep 30th, 12:49 AM
by Alison
Georgia Game Preview
Posted: Thu, Oct 8th, 6:45 PM
by Josh


-Whether ahead or behind the fourth quarter is not kind to the Vols

-Neyland’s teams had a better aerial attack than Tennessee currently employs as the Vols are one of only four SEC teams passing for less than 200 yds/game (192; S Car-163; Aub-154; LSU-95)....

BEANO-RHYTHMS Players and coaches have to -as Butch Jones says- “snap and clear”. As a fan however I’m more likely to “clearly snap”. Therefore each week I will take just a second to describe what the results of the previous game have done to my Big Orange outlook:....


WHAT A DIFFERENCE TWO WEEKS MAKES Flash back two weeks when Ole Miss was standing in the middle of the Tuscaloosa ring matching the Tide blow-for-blow dealing Alabama a rare knockdown home field division loss. With a game against the apparently surging Georgia Bulldogs looming there was a distinct chance that the once invincible Sabanites would start the conference season 0-2....


RED RIVER ROUT?: Two seasons ago in what would ultimately be Mack Brown’s last in Austin a 12 point underdog Texas squad stunned the Cotton Bowl crowd -and the nation- with a 16 point win over previously unbeaten Oklahoma....


-GET RED: Only four teams in the SEC kick a higher percentage of FGs upon entering the Red Zone than the Vols 26.92 % (23-26; 16 TDs; 7 FGs). If the opportunities present themselves Saturday Tennessee must get 7 rather than 3. That is of course if the advanced analytics study allows them to do so....


Georgia currently ranks third in the SEC in scoring at 38.4 points a game....

Sr DE Sterling Bailey has 86 tackles, 1.5 sacks and 13 starts in his career...[more]

Hatfield's Nine
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'The soap opera that is Tennessee football keeps right on rolling. Never a dull moment.

1. I'm not sure why Seth Stokes is being painted as a villain. He had information and asked a question.

2. Tennessee desperately needs some good news. A win over Georgia would qualify.

3. I get the distinct impression Arkansas will give Alabama big trouble.

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4. If Charlie Strong gets blown out this week, I could see Texas making a move. They are not going to put up with further incompetence.

5. I'm going to be interested to see if Utah is the real deal. They are hitting the horse latitudes of their schedule.

6. The Bengals have a chance to prove their mettle Sunday. Beating Seattle would show they are for real.

7. Liverpool has shown they want to win now. Jurgen Klopp will produce.

8. Toronto is in trouble. When your ace loses, you have issues.

9. Pete Rose is the most tragic figure in sports. Seeing him on MLB Network is just sad.

Please give me a listen, call, tweet or finger today when I follow Basilio from 1-3p right here at and WLAF and on your Tony Basilio Show platforms/apps.

Go Vols Go,


Keith: Thought provoking stuff as usual. Love the term horse latitudes. You take on Seth Stokes is interesting. He's a solid young broadcaster who's following his instincts. Your take on Pete Rose is interesting. He seems to be dipping from the old man bottle of hair dye. I love that auburn/brown old man hair color that comes out of a bottle. How can baseball take all that money from fanduel/draftkings and keep up the charade with Pete Rose?

Tee Mail Time:

'Tony - NOBODY is more disappointed in the way this year has gone than we mature fans with 50+ years of up and down Vols sports - NOBODY!!!

As another of us wrote you earlier, we are the victims of our own hype and thinking today, today, today only. Our ability to look at our current situation more long-term and, I think realistically, is a paradox because, believe me, we weren't able to years ago, Sure, Butch and his co of coaches have made mistakes in game management - horrible mistakes which I wrote to you about after the OK game. But we've lived through these for years by other coaches (our venerable JM comes to mind although he had some great days after a while - the ND win comes to mind).

We need to look at what we do have, and remember the 4 year rule to allow a coach (and staff) to get the talent IN DEPTH and learn how to use the talent they've gotten w/o calling for their heads prematurely. My BIGGEST concern for what I'm hearing from you to a degree, and others like the VC too much is that all the B & M is going to cut our recruiting back to where we've come from, and when/if Butch and co are shown the door after 4 years, our talent will be little better than what they started with.

I'm not saying don't be critical of stupidity which not platooning Dormady NOW would be, and not getting more downhill/push blocking running, and downhill/crossing passing offense would be. I'm just saying STOP the talk of going to yet another coach this soon.

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Clearly, w/o a new AD (if not admin), chasing the one guy in 3 (and 4 counting PF his last couple years) who brought back talent IS NOT GOING TO GET US ANYTHING BETTER anyway. SO STOP the hot seat and fire now talk PLEASE!!

And, BTW, something tells me we ARE doing to get a win Sat, and push Alabama more than we have for years because I do think Butch and co are seeing and hearing the din and their mistakes - but I have no way to show it. They want to win as much as we do, and they didn't get to where they are by being stupid like a couple past coached we had are as HC. After next year we can and should kiss them off if there is no turnaround.

Mike (UTK '66) in NC'

Mike: Great hearing from you. I feel you on the negativity but that program MUST give us something to feel good about. It's time to get a win over somebody that matters. Tomorrow and 8 days in Tuscy will Tennessee's last 2 chances for a signature win in 2015. It would be a shame to have the talented team and not record a signature win. Going 0-5 against the big 5 would appear to be a botch job from my cheap seats.

Brought to you on Thursdays by


Hope all is well on this Big Orange Friday. I feel like I have some good stuff for today’s blog. First of all, I couldn’t agree more with some of the stuff you’ve been saying since the 5th Quarter last Saturday. “Why can’t we have anything nice around here?” That thought has been playing over and over in my head all week. Can we please just enjoy a big win against someone (Georgia)? Dobbs may not be the best passer, but can this just be the one game where he’s clicking on all cylinders and we get it done on the big stage? If it’s going to happen, this has to be the game. This is the last chance of the season for Butch’s “signature win” that one would consider a winnable game. Win or lose, there is still a lot to play for, but a win Saturday would help tremendously.

As far as the coaching situation goes, I am still behind Butch Jones. I do not think that it is fair to be calling for his head at this point. That is ridiculous, and here’s why. Below is a list of the starting depth chart for the 2007 and 2015 Tennessee football teams. The 2007 team is the last team to be a championship contender. The 2007 team’s similarity to this year’s team is that the 2015 Vols were projected to have about the same success and be in the same position at the end of the year. My question for everyone is, WHY?

(I hope the format turns out well on the blog)
POS Name Class
QB Erik Ainge Sr
RB Arian Foster Jr
TE Chris Brown Sr
WR Lucas Taylor Jr
WR Josh Briscoe Jr
WR Austin Rodgers Soph
LT Eric Young Sr
LG Anthony Parker Jr
C Josh McNeil Soph
RG Chris Scott Soph
RT Ramon Foster Jr
LE Xavier Mitchell Sr
LT Dan Williams Soph
RT Demonte Bolden Jr
RE Antonio Reynolds Sr
SLB Ryan Karl Sr
MLB Jerod Mayo Jr
WLB Rico McCoy Soph
RCB D. Willingham Jr
LCB Brent Vinson Fr
FS Jonathan Hefney Sr
SS Eric Berry Fr

Freshmen 2
Sophomores 5
Juniors 8
Seniors 7

Underclassmen 7
Upperclassmen 15
POS Name Class
QB Joshua Dobbs Jr
RB Jalen Hurd Soph
TE Ethan Wolf Soph
WR Marquez North Jr
WR Jauan Jennings Fr
WR Josh Malone Soph
LT Kyler Kerbyson Sr
LG Jashon Robertson Soph
C Coleman Thomas Soph
RG Dylan Wiesman Jr
RT Brett Kendrick Soph
LE LaTroy Lewis Jr
LT Kendal Vickers Soph
RT Owen Williams Sr
RE Derek Barnett Soph
SLB Chris Weatherd Sr
MLB D. Kirkland Jr. Fr
WLB J. Reeves-Maybin Jr
RCB Emmanuel Moseley Soph
LCB Cameron Sutton Jr
FS Brian Randolph Sr
SS LaDarrell McNeil Sr

Freshmen 2
Sophomores 9
Juniors 6
Seniors 5

Underclassmen 11
Upperclassmen 11

I know that no one wants to hear about youth. I'm sick of it too, but it's the reality. Talented players in key positions that are EXPERIENCED are the difference in these two teams. I could go into detail for each position, but I hope that everyone is able to understand where I am coming from here.

Is this an excuse to the way we’ve lost the games we’ve lost? No. But it shows that there is much more to winning than just getting a couple top 5 recruiting classes. This team has such a small margin for error and we are seeing the results of them with the in-game miscues (coaching and players).

Just because I am still behind CBJ doesn’t mean I’m hating on people that are questioning him. It is completely fair to question whether he will be able to win games or bring the program back to where it should be. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just think that it is unfair at this point to want him fired.

Everyone knows that next season is the judgment year for Butch, as it should be. Next year’s team will be comparable to the 2007 roster listed above.

As for the Georgia game, I hope the football gods will make this week happen for the Vols. Man do we need/deserve it.

Fun fact: Alex Scarborough of ESPN picked Tennessee to win 28-27 this Saturday. He is currently 43-8 in picking games this season.

Go Vols!
Ryan in Memphis'

Ryan: That is GREAT stuff. Another thought along these lines is that a decent # of starters and contributors are Dooley signees. I find this surprising since conventional wisdom belied that his guys would get 'recruited over'. For whatever reason it hasn't played out that way. Isn't that interesting? Your research is wonderful and appreciated. I appreciate you being there...

'I see people talking about fair weather fans on twitter and facebook and it makes me laugh. It's beyond me how anyone can think we have ANY fair weather fans left. Here is our win % since 2008.

Loss    Win   Coach   Win %
5 7 Fulmer 41.7%
7 6 Kiffin 53.8%
15 21 Dooley 41.7%
14 16 Butch 46.7%
41 50 Overall 45.1%

What's the deal with people attacking our fan base? I heard Coach Glanville talking about how great UT fans are and he's right on the money. How else do you expect 102+ every week with this track record? Just wanted to point this out.

Al, Nashville'

Al: Love it...Love it...Love it.... Tell the truth!!! Pro Butch, Anti Butch or neutral. Fulmerites or Majormaniacs & Kiffin lovers all agree that this stretch of UT football over the past 8 years is all-time bad. Meanwhile this fan base continues to make the scene. Best fans in America.

Final Thought: ‘In year 3 of his tenure Johnny Majors had signature wins over Auburn and Notre Dame. Tennessee beat the highly touted Fighting Irish despite losing to Rutgers on Homecoming the week before. Stranger Things have happened.’ (Courtesy Vol Colonel Twitter)

Remember, we're live as soon as we go final tomorrow night on the Smartway/Dalton Bearing Hydraulic Fifth Quarter/ Fan Reaction. We will break it down with you scientifically. If you've never given our postgame show a try, download the app and get in the post-game. Get the app! Droid | iPhone

Come see us tomorrow in Circle Park!!!

Go Vols


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