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Posted: Wednesday, April 26th, 2017, 7:54 AM
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Special thanks to Beano and Brian Hartman for picking me up on the air the past couple of days. I'm going to attempt to do today's show but will obviously be a game time decision depending on how my father is doing. At any rate, we have a ton to discuss in the aftermath of UT's Spring game with Dr. Sean Sinclair today. Plus, we're going to talk about Tennessee's run on commitments in recent weeks.

It's going to be a busy few days here as in the next 3 days (including today) you're going to read a double shot of Orange Throat. Plus, 'X' comes by tomorrow. Also, CC Hoops will have a UT Hoops recruiting update. I'm tremendously blessed to have a wonderful family of contributors. That this blog is free everyday and updated with fresh material is nothing short of a miracle on the budget with which we operate the show.

Without further ado, it's time for some Orange Throat:

Orange Throat
'Tony World:

Short shots as we do a "makeup" entry after missing Monday:

QB DERBY: We now have a little more than four months to talk about who will be Tennessee's starting quarterback for the 2017 season. Junior Quentin Dormady showed the benefit of actually having a bona fide QB coach this spring (who knew quarterbacks need to be coached?!) and put an exclamation point on things in the Orange & White event. Redshirt frosh Jarrett Guarantano was a little less consistent but more electric and he too benefited from the tutoring of Mike "Chico" Canales. Right now, we think Dormady will start the Georgia Tech opener and Guarantano will play in the game too.

OLDEST RECRUIT: Butch Jones and staff had a good number of prospects in for the weekend but only one who can play this fall: grad transfer Shaq Wiggins. The former four-star corner from Tyrone, GA started his career at Georgia and transferred to Louisville. This appears to be a Tennessee-South Carolina battle and the Vols certainly have a situation at corner that should be inviting (see last year's Vandy film). Alvin Kamara and Wiggins are friends and the soon-to-be-drafted Kamara is lobbying his buddy hard to bring his talents to K-Town.

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BARNESIAN RECRUITING: Jones added some three star commitments over the weekend. The most curious was the decision to take QB Michael Penix from Tampa. The slightly-built lefthander is ranked #592 in the nation by 247Sports and is classified as a pro style QB. The Vols' offensive identity in the first four years has not been pro style. UT is pursuing a much better prospect in Fresno, Californian Adrian Martinez. The Cal commit is bigger and faster than Penix.

WE'RE MORE BULLISH on three-star all purpose back Jashaun Corbin from Melbourne, FL, ranked #389th nationally. Tennessee's presence in the Sunshine State continues to grow.

HEARING THAT SOMEBODY IN THE OL is going to lose a starting job to massive freshman Trey Smith, and it may be at guard because the Vols are in pretty good shape at tackle. Also hearing that the Vol coaches liked what they saw with Jashon Robertson at center, so Coleman Thomas better get it in gear over the next four months.

Orange Throat

A family in the Halls community recently suffered a total loss from a house fire, and they have 2 kids in high school and one in elementary. If you would like to help, here are the details: They are in need of gift cards for gas, groceries and clothing. Donations can be dropped off at the high school or mailed to Halls High School, Attn: Cheri Duncan, 4321 Emory Road, Knoxville TN 37938

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Throaty...Love the stuff on the QB's. We'll have a couple of T Mails today on this issue, but needless to say this is a fine problem to have. I'd rather have two QB's than no QB's. Tennessee is locked and loaded at perhaps the most loaded position in major college football. Perhaps this is why the commitment of the 3 star QB the other day is so odd. First of all it's oddly timed. There's no way that kid is an April take, is he? It's Barnesian as you said. Because essentially Tennessee is saying that they don't believe the rankings. But I didn't believe the film I saw of that young guy. No offense, but he just didn't pop like an April commitment should. That's why I call Tennessee taking his commitment curious.

On Trey Smith...Some would say your suggesting that a freshman offensive lineman could start is a real cause for concern for UT. Not me. I'm with Dr. Sean Sinclair. Trey Smith proves why it's important to keep recruiting and ultimately land 5 star players. Not every 5 star guy hits. but the ones that do can make a program. If Smith pans out to the level that he projects to at this point, he's going to be a joy to watch. That is unless you're the poor sap matched up on the other side of him.

Shaq Wiggins?
This would be an absolute home run if UT could swing this. A healthy Wiggins would almost be guaranteed early playing time in UT's secondary. Unlike Trey Smith, this is a bad sign. Tennessee simply needs bodies on defense. Landing this guy's services for a season could help UT in its efforts surprise in the SEC East.

Did She Really Go There?
You've probably heard the nasty rumor making its round that Beverly DeAvenport was overheard at a private party wondering if half the people in these parts are illiterate. If this is true, Bev probably isn't enjoying the Twitter hazing sessions some of you have subjected her to. I want to believe that Dr. D. would never say such a thing. Dr. D. is the best! She's an awesome follow on Twitter and UT's #1 cheerleader. She needs to put on an assistant coach's game day wardrobe and rebirth the Coach David Keith role of celebrity coach. She could really excel in this role.

Hatfield's Nine
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The postseason rolls along in the NBA and NHL. Major League baseball is rapidly approaching the end of its initial month of the season.

1. The Predators will attempt to keep their roll going tonight in St. Louis. A Game 1 win on the road would be huge.

2. Toronto appears to have gotten their feet back under them. Milwaukee has not been nearly as good defensively in the last two games.

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3. Washington played two lackluster games in Atlanta. They have let the Hawks right back in the series.

4. Golden State just toyed with Portland. If the Warriors get healthy, it's difficult to envision a scenario where they don't win the title.

5. Houston won because their star had more help than the best guy OKC has on their roster. It'll be interesting to see what Sam Presti attempts to do in the offseason to get Russell Westbrook some assistance.

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6. The final score didn't reflect it, but the Grizzlies were competitive for the vast majority of Game 5. If they get back to San Antonio, my guess is they'll put up one hell of a Game 7 fight.

7. Utah found a way to finish and put themselves in a position to move past the Clippers. The value of the playoff experience of Joe Johnson and Boris Diaw us hard to quantify.

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8. Wright Thompson is the best writer working in sports today. His profile of Pat Riley in the most recent edition of ESPN The Magazine is a master work.

9. Tennessee baseball gets a shot at redemption against ETSU tonight in Kodak. The Bucs hammered the Vols a couple of weeks ago.

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E in South Georgia leads off today's T Mail:

Why should I think that Butch can manage a 2 QB system? Has he shown us that he can manage a 1 QB system?

Tennessee should have been in a position over the last couple of years to get Dormady some serious time on the field, yet they haven’t. Usually because our tight coach has seen to it that the games are tight and the margin for error is razor thin.

Briney said it the other day; Sure Butch has a QB coach. Only took him 5 years.

Unless both of these guys are successful on the field, then my gut tells me that Tennessee using 2 QBs is just going to smack of either desperation or indecision by the head coach.

My prayers for your dad and the family.

E is for Exile
UT ‘95'

E...Touche on the lack of a QB coach here for the preponderance of Dobbs' career. There's simply no excuse for it. You're also right on the money with UT's inability to work Dormady into any kind of game shape over the past couple of seasons. It almost seems foolish now but I distinctly remember writing in this space prior to the App State game that Dormady would play early in the second half in that one. Oh well. Still, UT has two terrific options in 2017. No way this is a negative for this year’s Vols.

Up next in T Mail is our old buddy Mid State Heath

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'The whole Dobbs being smart because he is in engineering school is over hyped because of the "rocket science" stereotype. He is a bright kid, but you never heard anyone talk about Nate Peterman. Why is that?

The reason Dobbs is a "surprise" draft surge is because he is bigger and faster than he looks, and most of all, he has a stronger arm that nobody really talked about. I noted this in your blog for three years when people said he wasn't accurate. That's why I kept harping that he doesn't have to be the most accurate when you can spread the field with a cannon arm by just throwing up far and high and letting receivers adjust. Scouts romanticize these Jeff George /Ryan Leaf arms. Throw in some mobility and they are hoping for another Dak Prescott.

Butch Jones didn't take advantage of Dobbs' time in Knoxville, and he didn't develop Dobbs. Dobbs was wasted, starting with Oregon at Oregon, when with nothing to lose, we got the first taste of Jones' stubbornness to abandon a fruitless game plan, and instead be unorthodox with Dobbs at the helm. Instead Butch shackled Dobbs for four years. It's not "rocket science."

Wonderlic Scores: Brad Kaaya, Miami 34 Nate Peterman, Pittsburgh (former Tennessee) 32 Trevor Knight, Texas A&M 30 Joshua Dobbs, Tennessee 29 DeShone Kizer, Notre Dame 28 CJ Beathard, Iowa 26 Mitchell Trubisky, UNC 25 Davis Webb, Cal 25 Patrick Mahomes, Texas Tech 24 Chad Kelly, Ole Miss 22 Jerod Evans, Virginia Tech 21 Deshaun Watson, Clemson 20

Mid State Heath'

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Mid State Heath:
Though he's super bright, Dobbs did some things at times last year that screamed uncoached from my perspective. I'm happy for him and hope the NFL works out, but he's miles and I mean MILES from being in Dak Prescott's league. Sorry, but Prescott is a much better NFL prospect than Dobbs. That said, Tennessee squandered Dobbs while he was here. To have a QB play that much and that long and never miss the bell while failing to win a division is coaching malpractice. The Wonderlic scores are really interesting.

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Tomorrow......'X' returns with his thoughts on UT's Spring Game.


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