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Live @ Hardee's Clinton Highway
Posted: Friday, October 17th, 2014, 2:16 PM
Tennessee goes to Oxford tomorrow night hoping just to hang around and make something happen late. Who knows? Stranger things have happened. They don't happen around here much these days but that's why you play the game. Reality is an equalizer when looking at that game. When we studied the film we saw an Ole Miss team literally at the top of its game. We looked at the Bama film and the game really wasn't as close as the score indicated. Ole Miss controlled both lines of scrimmage in that game. At one point, Vol Colonel looked up and said 'I've had enough'. He's already on to Bama next week. I think many in our fan base feel the same way. How will Tennessee's players take tomorrow's challenge?

They've been very good on the road thus far. Granted the Vols aren't winning on the road but they haven't come apart. That's why I say they've been very good with a straight face. With this Tennessee team it's all relative and tomorrow night will be no exception. I told you earlier in the week that my personal over/under for sacks in 6.5 while the tfl total has been installed here at 9.5. IF Tennessee can stay under these numbers and not turn the ball over they may extend Ole Miss tomorrow night. Ole Miss matched up with Tennessee's defense will be fun to watch. Because truly Tennessee will have an opportunity to do some damage to Bo Wallace. He loves to run and a guy like Derek Barnett could get salty early in that game. Hit him a couple of times in the first quarter and you never know (Orange Throat will elaborate later on in this blog).

Vol Colonel is going to check in on the running back rotation today. Marlin Lane continues to slide down the depth chart as Derrell Scott gets more of an opportunity to play. How will Scott respond on the road tomorrow night in that hostile environment? Come to think about it, how will Hurd hold up with that gimpy shoulder facing a defense that will stick you at every level. I really love watching Ole Miss play defense. It's a shame they will face my Vols tomorrow night. Anyone thinking that this team is all about Hugh Freeze amassing talent is missing the point. These guys are really well coached and when Bo Wallace takes care of the football, they are really tough to beat.

Here's what our film study crew came up with on Ole Miss. Hope you enjoy! I'm so blessed to have great people around me! Brocky did some really great work on this along with Dr Sean Sinclair and Dar Flash.

Tennessee-Ole Miss Film Study
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'At 3-3 and having already played UGA and UF, it is hard to believe that the hard part of the schedule is just beginning for the Vols. The big orange travels to Ole Miss to take on the third ranked Rebels in a 7:00 home coming kick off. This game comes in the middle of a five game stretch for the Rebels that also include victories over top ranked Alabama, a convincing road win against Texas A&M, as well as, upcoming opponents Auburn and LSU. Weather for the game should be clear and cool, just a beautiful fall evening. Coach Freeze has done a great job building this program in three short years with very good recruiting classes and his kids believe in what he is preaching. The Rebels deserve their high ranking and have proven it on the field.

Ole Miss on offense

Like most of college football, Ole Miss runs a typical spread offense with a QB in the shot gun, three wide receivers, one back, and a tight end. They choose not to run at a fast pace as Freeze has said, "fast tempo produces too many negative plays against elite teams." Maybe this is a concept the Vols should study. They are most effective running their smallish backs to the outside, utilizing QB draws with Wallace, and using a very successful short passing game where five different receivers are around the 50 yds/game receiving each.

QB- There is a perception that there is a 'good Bo' and a 'bad Bo' in Wallace's game. If that is the case, 'good Bo' has been featuring lately. He is completing over 68% of his passes for 285 yds/game and has not turned the ball over in SEC play. The reputation exists for a reason, however, as the Tennessee native can miss open receivers often missing big play opportunities. Wallace is certainly not a scrambler, nor is he a real threat running, but he can extend a play and is not afraid to stick his nose into the defense
on a planned QB draw or keeping the ball on a read option. If Ole Miss clears the backfield, look for the QB draw.

RB- The Rebels rely on two small backs to tote the football. Jaylen Walton and I'Tavius Mathers can hurt you a little on the outside. With each averaging less than 50 yds/game, this is not the focus of their offense. The backs are included in the passing game, but not as much as the receivers. The backs are not really asked to do much blocking in the pass game.

OL- Laremy Tunsil gets a lot of the attention and deservedly so. If he stays healthy he is potentially a three and out first round draft choice. The rest of the line is good, not spectacular. They get the job done in the short passing game.

TE- Not enough is made of this position for the Rebels. They have two unique talents in Evan Engram and massive Jeremy Liggins. Engram is more the receiving tight end of the two. He is a mismatch for both linebackers and safeties. Liggins is almost 300 pounds and often takes the roll of a lead blocker or sixth o lineman. Even at that size, Liggins is the QB in the wild cat package.

WR- In our opinion, this is the strength of the Rebel offense lead by Laquon Treadwell. We will see a lot of #1 on Saturday. Think of a better version of Da'Rick Rogers. He is big, has great hands, uses his body very well ala Anquan Boldin, and is hard to bring down after the catch. Not a burner, but he can be open in the proverbial phone booth. The rest of the corps is more than solid in what they are asked to do.

Overall, the offense is solid. They are built to sustain drives and are tough to defend when 'good Bo' is in charge. Get ready for a lot of short, ball control oriented passes. The o line does not give up a ton
of sacks and they seem to keep ahead of schedule on down and distance. When watching the film we noted that the offense just keeps moving the chains, rarely shoots itself in the foot, but at the same time
doesn't seem to wow with highlight plays.

Ole Miss on defense

The Rebel defense is playing as well as any unit in the country. They also are very solid on each of the three levels. CBS sports just came out with their mid season all American teams and three Rebels Robert Nkemdiche, Senquez Golson, and Cody Prewitt were named to its first team defense. The defense has been termed "The Land Sharks" and it is appropriate because they move around searching for the football in a frenzied manner.

DL- Former #1 overall recruit Nkemdiche anchors the line, but doesn't make as many plays as one would think. He consistently draws double teams, while opening up opportunities for his buddies CJ Johnson and Isaac Gross. Typically, they will be in a four man front and generate a decent amount of rush with just these four. We wouldn't say they are terribly disruptive, but they are effective in occupying blockers so the line backers and safeties can do their thing. The Vol o line will more than have its hands full in this game. It is difficult to imaging the Vol rb's having a big night against this group.

Posted: Thursday, October 16th, 6:12 PM
by Beano
Tennessee @ Ole Miss Game Preview
Posted: Saturday, October 18th, 11:18 AM
Ole Miss Game Preview
Posted: Thursday, October 16th, 7:55 PM
by Josh
LB- This group is also small but very quick. They are good at chasing backs down to the outside and are sure tacklers. We did not notice a lot of blitzes with these guys as they try to keep everything in front of them. Both Serderius Bryant and Denzel Nkemdiche were preseason All-SEC selections.

DB- Arguably the strongest unit on the team. There really isn't a weak link in the backfield. Golson leads the conference in int's. The starting nickel package has ten int's combined this year. Tony Conner is a future NFL player. They do not press like Florida, so there may be some opportunities if Pearson is healthy and Worley can stay upright. They look to limit anything getting behind them and often employ a deep safety to accomplish this.

This defense is well coached. They do not run an overly complicated system. They do not allow themselves to be blocked and they swarm to the football. Nkemdiche can clog up the middle on almost any team in the country. We do not think that the Rebels will have to blitz this Saturday to get pressure which will allow their back seven to make the Vol passing game potentially tough sledding.

Ole Miss on special teams

Both Dodson and Walton are good kick off returners. Evan Berry should have opportunities for good returns. Like Medley, the Rebel kicker Wunderlich is a freshman, but not nearly as tested. Will Gleeson is a left footed
Australian rugby style punter and he seems to get good bounces/rolls off his kicks. He licks the balls low and short and relies on the roll to positively affect his net yardage as it can be difficult to pick the ball up and return it.

Enjoy The Game!

Basilio Radio Family Film Study Crew'

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Pick your top 10 CFB teams this week

Bo Wallace, Cam Newton, Bryce Petty, Taj Boyd. All QB's that goofy Lane Kiffin said thanks but no thanks to because he was married to a silly system. Read those names again and shake along at home.

Who would've thought a Punter would be a key to the UT hoops season. Chris Dortch has more! Link



MULLING MULLENíS FUTURE: While watching the UTC game with lifelong friends Paeson and Rebo (I know, it sounds like a Gambino -or GamBeano- social club watch party) the formerís son Ėwho weíll call Donnie Knoxville- phoned his Dad to lament the Vols putrid offensive line play but dropped a gem between the lines. Could Dan Mullen be Floridaís next football coach? Mullenís name has been prominently speculated in the noise surrounding Will Muschampís impending dismissal but Saturdayís results make it seem even more plausible....

SERIOUSLY THOUGH: At the risk of being viewed as an alarmist Iíve yet to hear a convincing argument of exactly how the Vols will be significantly improved on the offensive front NEXT SEASON....


BEST OF THE WEST? SEASON-LONG TEST: With the exception of UCLAís unexpected paltry start the PAC-12 looks Ėas we thought in the preseason- to be a season-long battle especially in the South Division....

BEST OF THE WEST? SEASON-LONG TEST: While Mississippi Stateís rise to #1 in the country and Ole Miss lofty #3 perch stun the nation they just as surprisingly remain in a four-way battle for the SEC West title with their border state neighbors to the east Alabama and Auburn....


DONíT TURNOVER THE KEYS TO VICTORY: The Rebels are 4th in the SEC in Turnover Margin at +1/game. They take it away often -especially when the ballís in the air- with 12 INTs and 4 fumble recoveries. If the Vols are opportunistic the Rebels are also prone to being charitable losing four fumbles and 6 INTs of their own...[more]

Orange Throat
'Tony B:

I can't help but chuckle at the current predicament of the CFBP (College Football Playoff). If the committee selected today, they'd probably have to send Mississippi State vs. Baylor to the Rose and Florida State vs. Ole Miss to the Sugar. This exposes the major flaw in the format:

Incorporating the bowls into the semifinal round creates needless hassle and doesn't reward the higher-seeded team.

Starkville-based fans will be facing a daunting 1,960 mile trip to Pasadena. Waco is just less than 1,500 miles. Perhaps they can car pool.

"They can fly," you say. Yes, they can, then the winning team has to make the trip to Dallas. Certainly, the Bears wouldn't mind that.

That game should be played at Scott Field in Starkville, with the cow bells ringing. Plain and simple. Ole Miss would have to travel to Tallahassee. The Rose Bowl would be fine with Michigan State vs. Oregon. The Sugar could get by with Auburn vs. Notre Dame.

Of course, this is a hypothetical. It's highly unlikely these rankings will stay static, in fact nearly impossible. Of course, the other flaw in the format is the bracket should be at least 8 teams and could have included all conferences at 16. We'll have a few years to debate that aspect.

As far as the Vols trip to Oxford, the wild card is not "Good Bo" or "Bad Bo." It's the health of Bo Wallace. He seems fit as a fiddle right now, but he carries the ball a lot and all it takes is one good lick from someone like Derek Barnett to send him to the sidelines. I'm not cheering for that and not predicting it, but Ole Miss is a vastly different offense without him. Grand Canyon vast.

Guess you would call that a "puncher's chance."

Orange Throat'

OT: We are only at the midway point of the season. Way too early to start thinking playoff. I'm with David Blackburn, up and coming AD of UTC who believes 4 teams isn't nearly enough. Can you imagine the politicking that will go on for that 4th slot? Let everybody had a loss and see what a mess this thing becomes before our very eyes. The controversy coupled with the sheer spectacle and public response to the playoff will be astounding. These clowns will be forced to go to 8 on their way to a 16 team playoff. Blackburn likes 16 and I agree with him. Can you imagine how cool it's going to be one day when Tennessee faces someone like Michigan in an opening round playoff game in Neyland Stadium. Sheer bedlam. As for this year's playoff it's going to be like trying to split and quantify scrambled eggs coming up with that 4th team. It's already a mess.

I'm really glad the Butch Jones era is staying on the cutting edge of technology. Now if he could just recruit some offensive lineman that can really play. At that point all of these toys would be really interesting to me.Link

Congratulations to Todd Kelly for being named the Tennessee Legend at this year's SEC Championship in Atlanta. He's a great man! A credit to our community and school. He's a great Dad and a tremendously funny as well. Love the guy. Hope he sticks around to watch Georgia and Miss State battle it out for a playoff berth. Link

Tennessee fans may have little to cheer for but they sure are active in cyberspace. Link

We are blessed by the excellence that is Keith Hatfield today in the Hatfield IX.
Hatfield's Nine
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'The time is at hand for Tennessee to head to Oxford for a contest against #3 Ole Miss. That's sentence I never thought I would write.

1. This Saturday's game is UT's chance to see how the other side of the 1990 Alabama game felt. An upset win would be a massive jolt of positive energy for the program.

2. I'm hoping the Tennessee staff has some offensive wrinkles we haven't seen yet in the game plan. There's little to no chance what we've seen out of that unit to this point can be productive against the Rebel defense.

3. Kentucky can remove any doubt about the validity of their gaudy early record with a win at LSU. The Wildcats would find themselves firmly entrenched in next week's polls with a win.

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4. Alabama can ease the worries of their impatient fan base by handling Texas A&M. A Tide win keeps them on track for a shot at the playoff.

5. I have to hand it to Jameis Winston. Singlehandedly overshadowing the Notre Dame hype machine is pretty impressive.

6. Baylor at West Virginia is an intriguing matchup this week. The game falls in a touch spot on the schedule for the undefeated Bears.

7. Texas A&M is on an absolute basketball recruiting roll. The hiring of Rick Stansbury has worked out exactly as Billy Kennedy had hoped.

8. The look on George Brett's face at the end of the ALCS is a perfect embodiment of why we so love sports. In cynical, often dark times, the games we watch can still bring our inner child to the surface.

9. The Giants have shown the value of putting the ball in play. In an era where strikeouts are accepted, San Francisco is scoring runs by simply making the opposition actually field a little bit.

See you from 1-3 today for Show Cause on the Basilio Broadcast Platforms and WLAF AM and FM. We'll have a jam packed show and early information on some events for Alabama week.

Go Vols,


Young Gun Jon Reed returns and follows Keith Hatfield as he will today live on your Tony Basilio App/Web stream.

Jon Reed
'Radio Family:

Well, I was wrong. Last week I said that Auburn was the best team in the country, but that, if Mississippi State beat them, the Bulldogs would have earned my respect. Iím still convinced that the Tigers are one of the best teams in the country, but Iím still not sold on Dan Mullenís group. Good for them on being ranked number one because their resume deserves to be recognized, but they are not the best team in the country. As improved as Dak Prescott is, he still looked like an average passer that threw a couple of bad interceptions that let Auburn hang around far too long. Tim Tebow 2.0?

If youíre screaming at me that Iím a hater and that I should accept that the Bulldogs are number one because of what they have accomplished thus far, I ask you if you believe the Dallas Cowboys are the best team in the NFL? The Cowboys have the best resume to this point, but no one in their right mind truly believes they are the best team in the league. Same goes for Mississippi State. The two powerhouses in Mississippi are a bit of a beneficiary of the early season hype machines.

Let me explain. Is LSU a top 10 ten team? Are they even top 25? I donít think so. Is Alabama a top 5 team? Again, I donít think so, and I think we all can see that the nation jumped the gun on the anointment of Kenny Hill and Texas A&M. My point is: our obsession with the SEC and assuming that the best teams in the conference are so great is clouding our judgment. Yes, seeing these usual bottom-feeders of the SEC dominate the headlines of college football has been interesting, but letís pump our brakes.

Letís not forget that Ole Miss struggled for three quarters with Boise State and Memphis. Their defense is hard-hitting without a doubt, but the Rebel offense is a little bit like a biscuit from Mickey D's, you just canít trust the consistency! (Besides, EVERYONE knows you should get your breakfast biscuits from Hardeeís). Tennessee is going to struggle to block Ole Missís front, but Iím not sold on the great Bo Wallace. Despite everyone hyping up the story of Tennessee missing out on the local kid, Iím not buying it. Ole Miss is going to win tomorrow, but the Vols will keep the Rebels from lighting up the scoreboard.

Sometimes in sports, there is just magic infused into a city and a team, and sometimes a team can win on talent coming together at the right time despite coaching decisions. Kansas City is the perfect example. Their manager Ned Yost went from a likely candidate of being fired if the Royals didnít grab a playoff spot to a perfect record in the playoffs and World Series participant. Baseball experts rank him in the bottom 5 of managers, but the teamís clutch hitting, unbelievable defense, and shutdown bullpen have compensated.

Speaking of bottom 5, the Jets played admirably in New England last night, but found themselves on the wrong end of heartbreak after missing a game-tying two-point conversion and ultimately having their 58-yard field goal blocked as the clock ran out. I still think Rex Ryan is a good football coach, and the Jets would be making a mistake if they fired him, but itís the nature of the beast. The Jets real problem is that they donít have anything close to a franchise quarterback, and they insist on trying to run gimmicks with their back-up. First it was the Tebow mess, which was the real beginning of the end for Rex Ryan, and now he still brings Mike Vick in for gimmick packages that always fail. When he gets fired, people will point to that issue, well, and the fact that a defensive genius is getting shredded in the secondary.

Follow @jon__reed on twitter and listen to the Young Guns today at 3PM.

Go Vols


Tee Mail
Love the show and thanks for all you do for the Tennessee faithful. In light of the Ole Miss game this weekend, I've noticed that it seems that we play teams each year out of the SEC west as they are peaking. I did a little research on this and came up with the following:

From 2009 to 2013, UT's SEC West opponents had a combined conference record of 73-31. If you take Alabama out of that statistic, the combined record is 39-25. UT has only played two teams from the West that had losing seasons in the conference the year they played UT - Auburn in 2009 (3-5) and Ole Miss in 2010 (1-7 - ironically our last win over a team from the West). Meanwhile, the combined record of SEC West opponents of the SEC East champion in each of those years (i.e., Mizzou in 2013, UGA in 2011/2012, S.C. In 2010, and Florida in 2009) is 46-58. South Carolina is the only anomaly in this statistic, as the teams from the West they played in 2010 went a combined 19-5. If you take S.C. out of the statistic, the SEC West teams combined record is 27-53!

Seems that we have gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to scheduling in the past few seasons, despite the fact that we play Alabama every year.

Thanks again, and keep up the great work!

Will Witcher, UTK '04 Chattanooga, TN'

Will: Great to hear from you! I'm honored you're there as you have many choices! That is terrific work from you and poignant as well. When it rains it pours. And I'm afraid it's going to pour tomorrow night in Oxford on our offensive line.


You mentioned Dr. Sinclair like to break down film. Here's a great website (Link) for him or any other member of your film crew. I've learned a ton from his articles.

He's also on the tweeter: @smartfootball

Jay in Morristown'

That is some GREAT stuff right there Jay!!! Cinco and the Colonel are going to eat that up!!!


Just came across this while browsing the net: Link

The absurd level of the political correctness has left me confused. Now I clearly understand if I wear a headdress to a Chiefs game here in Kansas City, someone will be offended. But I am wondering, if I walk across the parking lot to Kauffman Stadium to cheer our Kansas City Royals on in the World Series (Still feels great to type that after waiting since I was a kid to see this again) can I wear a crown? I certainly did not earn that crown and would not want to offend some spoiled family on the other side of the globe.

As a service to the Vols fans attending the Alabama game someone should call Davey Crockett and ask what the criteria is to wear a coon skin cap. We certainly do not need to have the PC Police after Smokey on the sideline.


Oh Lewis, it's coming! The PC police are out in full force. Reading that link I noticed that the feller that started it on got a whopping 65 online signatures. That's a real movement there. I've had bowel movements with more meat than this. What an embarrassing age we are living in where people are majoring in the minors. Jeez.

Do you think Dan Mullen is kidding here or is he telling the truth. Read and get back to me. Link

Steve Spurrier had an insanely great quote last night regarding Vandy. Spurrier on Vandy: "They gave Charleston Southern fits. Beat them by one point." (credit, Heath Cline, Columbia, SC).

Great observation on Twitter from Vince Ferrara (who does a really nice job btw), 'Phil Simms is talking about how Geno Smith never keeps the ball in the zone read and the Patriots are ready for it. Familiar topic. #Vols'

Jimbo Fisher and the folks at FSU are such a joke. Link

Superb take on Ebola. Link

I've been looking to watching Temple/Houston all week! Game is on ESPNU @ 9 Eastern!! Will you join me in watching tonight. Fight, fight fight for the cherry and the white. It's a guilty pleasure, what can I say?

You can laugh at me for watching that but it's no worse that that ACC slop last night featuring Pitt/Va Tech. Besides being boring, Tech is terrible. What kind of matchup will that be in Bristol in a couple of years. Tennessee should be very good by them. Tech may just get run.

Reminder. I'm with you live today from 11a to 1p while Hatfield joins you live at 1p on the app/stream. Young Guns with Reed and Lundy follows Hatfield from 3-5p.

Following Saturday's game we will be with you as soon as the game goes final on the Smartway/Dalton Bearing Fifth Quarter/Fan Reaction. Should be a late night. Spread the word and help get me some app downloads and new listeners. We are really growing this thang and I really appreciate your efforts! Get the app! Droid | iPhone


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