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Football Monday
Posted: Monday, July 28th, 2014, 9:56 AM
34 days! And yes, Reggie Cobb is one of the all time greats!

It all kicks off on Friday on the practice field.

Some killer position by position analysis from Randy Moore here. Link

What a great day for the Braves yesterday in Cooperstown. What an era! Being there Friday night was proof that the glory days are behind them. Those guys were machines in the 90's. Amazing that you can have all that pitching and not win more than one World Series. Then again, my Phillies did the exact same thing after '08 when they added Halliday, Lee and Oswalt and won nothing. You must have balance in post season baseball. Braves were out of balance back in the day.

What a great speech by Frank Thomas. To stand up there and personally thank 123 people is my kind of speech. I love that guy! You can tell he appreciates the wonderful career in baseball he had. Love that emotion. Link

Greg Maddux chose to go into the Hall of Fame with a blank next to his team affiliation. He said yesterday in his speech that he couldn't choose between the Cubs and Braves so he didn't. What do you think of this?

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Keith Hatfield returns today with the Hatfield IX.
Hatfield's Nine
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'We have arrived at the brink of training camp for UT football. Lots of questions will be answered in the next couple of weeks.

1. I've never been a fan Michelle Beadle. However, I thought her letting rip on Ray Rice last week showed a substance usually lacking in her work.

2. On the other hand, I usually look past the bluster and find Stephen A. Smith to be a thought provoking commentator. That said, his quasi defense of Ray Rice was indefensible.

3. Kevin Love's decision not to participate in the FIBA World Cup is one he's certainly entitled to make. It does put the United States in a vulnerable position along the front line, especially in a potential final against Spain.

4. Chris Paul's threatened boycott is just one more reason the NBA has to find a way to end the Donald Sterling mess as quickly as possible. They don't need the continuing public relations nightmare.

5. The Lakers have apparently taken leave of their collective senses. There's nothing in Byron Scott's career trend to indicate he'll even last the full term of his contract.

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6. It'll be very interesting to see how Bob Stoops handles the Joe Mixon situation. With the Ray Rice mess lingering as a backdrop, it's hard to imagine Stoops has many options if the allegations are close to the truth.

7. Cliff Lee looks done. It's hard to imagine a team getting real return on investment by trading for him and his massive contract.

8. Low risk moves like acquiring Jake Peavy as stretch drive insurance against Matt Cain's elbow issues are why the Giants are a model franchise. Their front office consistently makes the best of their title opportunities.

9. I'm not sure what the Browns thought they were getting when they drafted Johnny Manziel. He's simply behaving as he always has.


Major college QB coaches are almost like golf coaches in college. They matter, but the heavy lifting is most likely being done by somebody else. This is an interesting read. Link

Alabama has TON of NFL players but very few stars. What's up with that? Link

Big XII with IX teams is pioneering for women. Link

Jerry Jones is claiming he was that close to drafting Johnny Football. Will he be glad or sad come December for not pulling the trigger? Link

You just know James Franklin is going to win at Penn State. He's got too much game not to be successful. Those people already are feeling it under him. Will be interesting to see in 5 years if he can get PSU back to prominence. Link

I'm personally glad that ESPN's First Take is under fire. Screamin' A Smith stinks and Skip Bayless needs a beating. It's a bunch of fake arguing non-sense. And Smith will say anything to get attention. That guy is a hack and a shill for his boys. Terrible TV. Link

Screamin' A got ripped by Michelle Beadle on Twitter. Link

Did you realize TSSAA was on the verge of bankruptcy a few years back. My guy Stephen Hargis in Chatty on how they turned the beat around. Link

Mid State Heath wonders aloud about the timely win in NASCAR yesterday in Indy.
You ever get the feeling that Nascar has undercover moles who sneak around the pits loosing bolts, and "spiking the punch" in the gas cans. Isn't NASCAR kind of like wrestling, I mean wrasslin, just boring.

Like Earnhardt Jr's and Michael Waltrip's big 1,2 Daytona win after his dad, I mean, daddy died. The Jeff Gordon win at the 2/3rd empty stands at the Brickyard on Sunday sound kind of convenient. Not into conspiracy theories. I'm a Gordon fan, but just saying...

"The win came on the 20th anniversary celebration of Gordon's win in the inaugural Brickyard 400, and on "Jeff Gordon Day" as declared by the Mayor of Indianapolis. The win moved Gordon into a tie with Michael Schumacher, whose five Formula One victories at Indy had been the gold standard." Link

How about a double shot of Mid State Heath?

Thanks for getting me in twice today. You know I deserve it!

Johnny Manziel has been drafted by three professional sports teams. Cleveland is, of course, one. Who are the other two?

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Ok, it's a slightly trick question because along with the San Diego Padres, the Harlem Globetrotters drafted Manziel as a ceremonial pick in their eighth annual draft of world class athletes. Yep, Johnny Football is now on the ultimate team of showmen!

Which is exactly why after pre-season in regular season game one, tens of thousands of fans who have worn turd brown #2 jerseys 24 hrs a day all summer are not going to be watching Johnny Football ride the bench.

It can't happen. It just can't.

It doesn't matter Brian Hoyer is the favorite to open preseason. It does not matter Hoyer's actions on and off the field make him the coach's favorite. It does not matter that Hoyer has spent the most time in practice, has the most experience, is the most NFL ready, has the veteran’s respect, and looked the most solid in practice since spring.

The country's eyes are upon Cleveland awaiting the show.

The Dawg Pound is restless. The last coach was fired after only one year, 3 coaches in 5 years, 3 general managers in 3, a new owner.
Oh yeah, the Browns started three different quarterbacks last season. And three in 2012. And three in 2010. And four in 2008.
Only once (Tim Couch, 2001) has the same Browns quarterback started all 16 games since Bernie Kosar did it in 1991.

Nope. Hoyer ain't starting.

I know, I Jimmy Haslam said, "The great athletes make their news on the field, not off the field"....blobbity blobbity trite blah blah...

You also can't spell team with "I," and have to give 100 and (add on whatever % you prefer).

Look Haslam and general manager Ray Farmer have to make these safe PC statements. They don't want to play with matches.

But Johnny, he is fire. He showed up at a practice in electric lime green shoes before they made him take them off.

Manziel can't help it. He is strutting, brass balls DNA swagger and he ain't changing.

Frankly, it's refreshing. Did anyone ever really want Muhammad Ali to shut the hell up?

It's the great white hope story the media loves, and millions always await ..., I mean HOPE for.

Manziel is not sitting.

If Hoyer is winning by three touchdowns, the Johnny chants will come. If Hoyer is losing, the chants will come.

Even if Peyton Manning were a Brown, many would STILL want to see the Johnny show.

So. For me it is clear. You start Johnny in game one, he does not set his feet, improvises, rolls out in reckless abandon, forces a pass in a crowd that gets picked, walks off the field with a tweaked knee and a bloody chin......................or

Cue up Sweet Georgia Brown, the fans get the watch the show.


Adam Wainwright is now juxtaposed with Bob Gibson and Steve Carlton. Not bad. Link

Mark Naggy has some fashion advice for Kenny Chesney. This is fun stuff. Chesney is confused in his fandom. How do I know? I would NEVER wear a garment marked Florida. NEVER! Link

RIP Wah Wah Jones. Link

Finally a special thanks to ALL who made our trip such a wonderful time in Atlanta. Jackie from Toddlow Coach is the best! Thanks to all the Pilot guys that came with us! And our wonderful listeners were so much fun to be around! Pate from Hardee's, thanks for the great eats. Barry Thomas, thank you bro! Keith Maner, I'm not worthy. My lovely wife Laura helped so much in putting it all together. Just a perfect day at the ballpark even though the Braves lost again.



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