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Live @ Hardee's Illinois Ave Oak Ridge
Posted: Friday, October 24th, 2014, 10:07 AM
I start things off here today on a serious note! Check out this video and share it today because it’s time to buckle down. THIS is Alabama weekend.

Johnny Majors and Dale Jones made my Alabama game yesterday on the air. Coach Majors sounded GREAT in recalling the special nature of different reunions, people and events in his career. Then Dale Jones joined later in our conversation with Majors and events turned really special. Just a wonderful time! To hear Dale Jones try to tell Johnny how he didn't feel like he could play when he first got to Tennessee and have Johnny interrupt him and tell him he was the finest Volunteer he ever coached was amazing. It was the best segment of radio I've ever had the privilege of being a part of. Ironically, it had NOTHING to do with me. Not only was Dale Jones a terrific player here but he's been a terrific advocate for Tennessee's program. He loves this place.

Jones was literally choking back tears in telling me how he's bringing his 11 year old daughter to the Alabama game tomorrow night where he will be honored as the Tennessee Legend. Dale Jones, who coaches at Appy State told me that he follows UT so closely these days that he actually attended the Tennessee Georgia game a few weeks back. It's such a shame that Dale Jones NEVER got a chance to coach here with all the jokers that have come and gone from this place in the past 10 years. Dale Jones and Johnny Majors ARE Tennessee football. Guys like that are why we love this stuff. And rightfully so!!! IF you missed yesterday's segment with Johnny and Dale, check this out.

Tennessee Bama 2014 is about magic. The Vols better find a way to score with that defense tomorrow night. Turns out we are going to get our wish. I believe that the plan right now is to start Nathan Peterman tomorrow night. I can report that the coaching staff reached out to the family of Josh Dobbs to share with them that his redshirt is coming off. The Dobbs family is on board as Tennessee has spent the week ramping up the sophomore QB. As of right now, I would call it a 10% chance that Worley even attempts to play. The unknown at this position is going to be interesting going forward because I believe Worley's shoulder issues will have an impact on the QB position down the stretch in the season. Tennessee must address, find and identify a starter (just in case) going down the stretch. Stevie Wonder himself would see that we were heading this way before the season with that offensive line in place. It still makes zero sense why Tennessee's coaches haven't gotten these guys some more game action. The UTC game in retrospect was a prime opportunity to get both Dobbs and Peterman some snaps.

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FRUSTRATED BUT NOT FED UP: Mike Strange wrote an excellent column in the October 20th edition of the Knoxville News Sentinel that utilized a series of questions to gauge the Big Orange Nation’s current level of faith in the direction of the program under Butch Jones. After an inexcusable (my word not Mike’s) loss to a dreadful Florida team and an embarrassingly lopsided effort versus Ole Miss. I will readily admit that I would have logged a stronger score on the SAT (Strange Attitude Test) after the Georgia game then I did the Monday after Ole Miss. While standing strong in the belief that Butch Jones fits here and is taking care of business on the most vital of fronts -such as mending relationships, creating stability, changing the culture and most importantly fortifying the roster through recruiting- I am less than impressed with the utilization and development of the offensive pieces –however limited- he and his staff currently have at their disposal...[more]

Orange Throat is getting what he wanted a couple of weeks ago. Dobbs likely plays this weekend. Tennessee is about to try something different on offense. Of course this will come against Bama and is a change not of their own volition. Here's The Throat now.

Orange Throat
'Tony B:

I've got to give you credit for having a very level-headed philosophy heading into this season, and you've stuck to it. No expectations on won-lost record but you wanted to see progress. Above all, you wanted a win over hated Florida, and now I believe you're more than willing to substitute that for a signature win and/or a bowl game. Good perspective in August, good perspective now.

Which brings us to Saturday night. Does it look for bleak for us against our old nemesis, Alabama? Sure it does. Though they've shown more than a few chinks in their usual impeccable armor, the Tiders turned heads with a surgical bludgeoning of the fast-fading Aggies. Saban's bunch may be on the cusp of another run to a national title, but I still think there may be something missing from this program. Karma shouldn't be on their side, especially with a character like Kiffin on their sideline.

So, in the spirit of optimism, let's examine the half of our glass that is full:

DEFENSE: As for this year's team, our defense has improved farther and faster than the most wild-eyed optimist would have predicted in the summer. Which gives us a shot Saturday night to make it interesting, but really gives us a more realistic shot in our last four games. Veterans are playing the best football of their careers and we're teeming with talented young players like Reeves-Maybin, Sutton and Barnett.

Posted: Thursday, October 23rd, 11:32 PM
by Beano
CFB NOTES............WEEK 8
Posted: Wednesday, October 22nd, 12:16 PM
by Doink
Alabama Game Preview
Posted: Thursday, October 23rd, 3:02 PM
by Josh
FRESHMAN CLASS: With what you've seen so far, which team in the country would you trade this class for? The quality at the top is very high but the most promising thing is the depth of this class. These kids won't be damaged by the struggles of 2014, they'll double down on commitment in 2015 to turn it around. They are winners. And, if we make a bowl this season, they'll play a major role in making that happen.

COACHING: None of us are happy with the offensive management of the Florida game, but nobody can dispute that this Butch Jones team plays with discipline and heart, and those are two very good things. Is there a more passionate, hungrier coach in this league than our guy? I think not. His recruiting ability is undeniable, with the performance of this freshman class, and that's huge at Tennessee.

Unless Peterman or Dobbs transform this team into a juggernaut in November, we'll go into the offseason with legitimate questions about QB and the offensive line. If we solve those, we can start to think about making a big step next year. Maybe a really big step.

We're in the final stages of the hurricane. We may get a few more shingles blown off Saturday night, or maybe not. But the sunshine hasn't been this close in many years.

Orange Throat'

'X', presented by Smoothie King, shares some about the visitor list.
'X' Says
'I have only been able to confirm three official visitors for the weekend

If you are a glass half full kind of guy the timing is right for Jacksonville, Florida offensive line prospect William Sweet could not be better. Sweet is a four star prospect and is currently committed to North Carolina. With all the NCAA turmoil there and possible sanctions looming, Sweet is looking around. Sweet has an offensive tackle frame 6'6" isn’t and his profile says he weighs 280 lbs but I’m not sure he weighs that. Sweet is probably a redshirt year away from playing but with only one offensive tackle on campus, Sweet would be a big pick up. Though I am unable to confirm this, I believed Sweet is an early enrollee,. His official visit to Tennessee will be his 4th with only a visit to LSU remaining. Given the opportunity for playing time looming, Tennessee looks to have a good shot with Sweet. The million dollar question is where is this kid on their offensive tackle board compared to Drew Richmond and Pat Allen for instance.

Me, if this kid wants to come to Tennessee, you take him. With Richmond committed to Ole Miss and Allen to Georgia Tennessee has to close with one if not two true offensive tackles. Hey, not only does Tennessee need first line guys at offensive tackle. Tennessee needs depth at offensive tackle as well. Like many, tired of seeing interior lineman struggle trying their best to play in space.

Other official visitors this weekend are Tennessee commitment Darrell Miller from Cedar Texas. Miller is a smaller corner. Miller is an explosive athlete and a great athlete but we keep it real here. With the recent commitment of Micah Abernathy who project at corner and being in the thick of a recruiting battle for JUCO Justin Martin one has to wonder where Miller would fit given the limited spots.

Ryan Newsome another Texas prospect is visiting this weekend as well. Newsome is a slot receiver and a kick returner extraordinaire. He is 5'9" (maybe) and 170 lbs. The kick has set all kinds of track records in the state of Texas plus I lost count the number of punt and kickoffs he has returned for touchdowns. Newsome is rated as a 3 star prospect with a 5 star offer list. I have a hard time thinking Newsome leaves the state of Texas to play college football. Thanks to Zac Azzani Tennessee got one of his 5 official visits. With mid state athlete Vincent Perry committed and a similar type athlete Bryce Love making an unofficial visit to campus this weekend you wonder how big a priority Newsome is.

There will be plenty of unofficial visitors to campus this week including the aforementioned Bryce Love from Wake Forest, North Carolina. Love is the one offensive specialist type Tennessee would take regardless of where the numbers are in the class. He has elite speed. It is important to also note Love is bringing his family over for the unofficial visit. Those in the know say its Tennessee or Stanford for Love's commitment.

It is also reported Drew Richmond may be back in town for another unofficial visit after being here two weeks ago for the UT Chattanooga game. No secret here Richmond likes Tennessee and is virtually guaranteed an opportunity for immediate playing time if he were to decide to come to Knoxville. He is committed to Ole Miss. I don't see that changing. Certainly hope we don't forego an opportunity to land a solid offensive tackle prospect based upon Richmond playing the recruiting game.

This weekend is a much bigger unofficial visit weekend than an official visit weekend.

Go Vols


Thanks to the Vol Colonel for helping to distill this week's film study.

Tennessee-Alabama Film Study

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The first thing that sticks out after watching tape on Alabama, they're a lot more multiple on offense this year than they have been, during the Saban era. They still run the ball, but the line it up and run it down your throat mentality has dissipated under new Tide offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin. Kiffin loves to give a defense a lot to look at. He loves to get his play makers in space. You'll see Bama running guys in motion trying to cause confusion and free guys up. They love running the sweep with Amari Cooper. Kiffin loves to zero-in on getting his playmakers the ball. Last year, Amari Cooper was Bama's leading receiver catching 45 balls for the year. 7 games in, this year, and Cooper has caught 62 balls already. He's on pace to more than double last year's output. One thing Lane is really good at, is simplifying the game for his players.

If Kiffin see's the defense in man to man, where the play call might be for Amari Cooper to run a hitch, if the corner is playing up, this may turn into a fade route for Cooper. It's old fashioned pitch and catch where the receiver has a lot of freedom. They give you a lot of looks with their sets also. You'll see plenty of their QB Sims under center. They like to set up shop a lot of times in what's called the off-set I-formation. In recent years where Bama would use a TE to step back into a H-Back roll, Kiffin prefers using a fullback in this set. You'll also see Bama go into the pistol formation a lot, along with some regular spots with the QB in the shotgun. Lane loves trying to keep the defense guessing. They also love rolling Sims out and they'll roll him out from different formations. He's really good in rolling out and buying himself time to find an open receiver. Sims isn't a run first guy, but if he rolls out and you give him an inch, he's good enough to find a mile with his legs. Bama is also getting the tight end's a lot more involved this year. They love to pack everyone in and fake the handoff to the RB and slip the TE out for some easy pitch and catch.

Don't let all of this talk of throwing the football fool you. They still run the ball as good as anyone in the country. They just do it a little bit different this year. TJ Yeldon and Derrick Henry are as good as any backs in the nation and they keep each other fresh by splitting the carries. Yeldon has106 carries for 566 yards. (5.3) avg. and Henry has 87 carries for 452 yards (5.2) avg. One other thing the tape revealed about this Bama team. While they're not a genuine hurry-up offense, they do seem to get to line and hurry things up a lot more, than we've seen them do in the past.


There seems to be this misguided notion out there, that this Bama defense isn't as good this year as in years past. One look back to last week's game with Texas A&M should dispel that. Alabama ranks 3rd nationally in total defense. They give up 262 yards per game. That's first in the SEC, even better than the Ole Miss defense we seen last week, on paper. The strength of this defense starts up front on the line. They’re #2 in the country in rushing defense. Considering where our offensive line is, these guys could wreak havoc on us. D.J Pettway is a future NFL linemen and he leads the way up front. These guys love getting to the QB and applying pressure. Reggie Ragland, A'Shawn Robinson and Jonathan Allen are also big horses to deal with on defense. Bama loves moving Ragland around out. You'll see him at LB and they'll also creep him up to the line. He's all over the place and in your face.

They're just solid across the board on the D-Line and at LB. If there's one soft spot to the defense, it's the secondary. Overall, they're not as strong back there, but they still rank 21st in the nation against the pass. Landon Collins is the unquestioned leader for the Tide in that secondary. He has 1st round NFL talent written all over him. Collins is really the guy who has stepped up and filled the void of losing Vinnie Sunseri. They do have some youth in that secondary that the Vols receivers could possibly take advantage of, if the UT QB has time to get the ball downfield. They have a freshman Tony Brown back there who sees a lot of playing time. He looks vulnerable from time to time. Sophomore Eddie Jackson is another guy who could have a hard time with Tennessee's WR's. The big question for the Vols is going to be, can they buy enough time to deliver the football and maybe exploit a mismatch or two. That really remains to be seen.


They've got an outstanding punter in JK Scott. He can really boom it. He was Bama's MVP in the tight 14-13 win over Arkansas. Their FG kicker is another story. He comes into this Tennessee game really struggling. Over his last 4 games he's made just 2 of 6 attempts. He's very shaky beyond 40 yards. In the return game, Bama has had some bad days in turning over the football. In the Arkansas game alone, they had 4 fumbles and almost cost Alabama that football game. If there's one weak link on Bama's team this season, it's been on the return team. Let's hope UT seals it's lanes and keeps this area of Bama special teams in check.

Basilio Radio Family, compiled by Vol Colonel.

Go Vols

Believe in Magic

Vol Colonel'

Here are some additional film study notes as compiled by the Basilio Radio Family.

Tennessee-Alabama Film Study II
'The third Saturday, or maybe the fourth, in October is very special for Tennessee fans. Especially for those forty years old and older. Sure, Spurrier and the Gators have stolen some of the emotion away from this contest in the past couple of decades, but this will always be a special game for both fans in orange and crimson. It seems as though we have always been on the short end of this series, but forget not that
Coach Fulmer often toyed with the Tide during his tenure as our head coach. This Bama team came within a 'kick six' of playing for a third consecutive championship and has a team that can still reach the playoff, as well as, compete for another conference championship.

Lane Kiffin's return has certainly elevated the emotion for the week in big orange country but his presence may be of minimal consequence because the disparity in talent between the two teams is considerable. This review will be more concise than in previous weeks because we all know the players and coaches involved. Whether we want to admit it or not, we all keep an eye on the Tide when they are playing hoping that we get to witness an opponent victory.

Bama on Offense

Lane Kiffin is obviously a good play caller. Ironically, he is calling plays for a QB much like the ones he discarded while at UT. Blake Sims is a smallish, athletic, senior who has waited his turn behind AJ McCarron. Sims is a fluid athlete who can extend plays and pick up yards when a play breaks down. In our opinion, he is a better athlete than what we saw against Utah St and Arkansas State. If our d linemen do not stay disciplined in their rush lanes, Sims can make you pay. As a shorter QB, Sims can be an effective passer throwing from various arm angles and appears to be a little streaky. He has not shown any real tendency to get rattled in the pocket, but can make the odd throw into the ground for no apparent reason. He has been well coached to throw the ball away when needed.

Bama again has a stable of 5 star running backs lead by TJ Yeldon. Once thought to be next in line following Ingram, Richardson, and Lacy, Yeldon is more the leader of a running back 1-2 punch with Derrick Henry. Both could be all conference type backs with Bama o lines from the past, but now are just very good backs on this version. Thus far, both Yeldon and Henry are posting 5+ ypc averages, but the home run has yet to be seen this year with Yeldon having the longest run at 31 yards. Neither are
asked to do that much in the passing game. The tide is fumbling this year more than in previous years.

The o line for the tide has star power, but not necessarily experienced star power. True freshman Cam Robinson is living up to his recruiting hype at left tackle and looks like another 3 and gone day one pick. The rest of the line is a bit unheralded, with Arie Kouandjio getting some all star hype. This appears to be more out of respect being the leader of the Alabama line more so than individual performance. Another freshman Bradley Bozeman has taken over at center and has done a pretty good job. This line is better at pass protection than run blocking and Sims is often given ample time to complete his passes.

The receiving corps is full of former 4 and 5 star recruits lead by Amari Cooper. Arguably the best wide receiver in the country, Sims looks for Cooper at every turn. They try to feature him in the screen and short passing game ala Treadwell at Ole Miss, but Cooper has a better deep ball game than Treadwell. If too much attention is paid to Cooper, DeAndrew White and TE OJ Howard can certainly hurt a defense.

Look for Kiffin to move Cooper around to shake Sutton and take advantage of Williams or Moseley. Howard is a mismatch for Reeves-Maybin and our safeties, so our front four will have to get some pressure on Sims if for nothing else to disrupt or hurry his progressions.

Bama on defense

The depth chart will say that Bama runs a 3-4, but more often than not they will line up in a 4-2-5 to cover the 3 wide receiver sets common in today's game. Alabama does not currently have the dominant pass rusher of previous teams, but their line does eat up blockers allowing linebackers Trey DePriest and Reggie Ragland to roam and make tackles. Their fourth lineman/ outside backers Xavier Dickson or Ryan Anderson will line up at any one of the d line spots to take advantage of a weak link in the opponent o line.

As mentioned, the linebackers are good at closing running holes and chasing down backs to the edge. They are good but not outstanding in pass coverage.

It is thought that the soft area on the defense is the secondary, particularly the corner positions. Opponents have had success on the outside, but that is because those teams have allowed their qb's time to throw the ball. The safeties will come forward in the run game and are solid tacklers. Landon Collins stands out on the defense as a legit playmaking threat in both the pass and run game.

Bama on special teams

Thus far Bama's special teams have been inconsistent. Freshman JK Scott has tremendous leg talent, but his is young. Kicker Adam Griffith has missed some makeable field goal attempts and is not really a threat to kick the ball out of the end zone on kick offs. There are return opportunities in this facet if we can block. Christion Jones has been at Alabama for 25 years it seems and is a threat any time he has the ball in his hands.

The consensus of the film study crew is that this is a very, very good football team that is not quite up to par with Saban's other teams. Three year and out players have affected this team. Play from the offense can be undisciplined and a little erratic at times, though they went last week without a penalty against A&M. If it clicks, Bama can run the table on the rest of their schedule, but could also suffer a couple more defeats to MSU and or Auburn.

Go Vols!

Basilio Radio Family'

Hatfield IX time. Get pumped up!!! He's got a great show for you today at 1pm live on the app and WLAF!
Hatfield's Nine
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We have reached the brink of another installment of the storied Alabama - Tennessee rivalry. As I've said in this space before, there are only so many of these we get in a lifetime and we should savor them all.

1. The seeming uncertainty surrounding Tennessee's quarterback situation adds an interesting dynamic to this one. It at least allows Vol fans some hope in the unknown.

2. I really hope the Tennessee v. Lane Kiffin storyline ends once the game starts tomorrow night. It is tired and irrelevant at this point.

3. I can't say I blame the SEC media for forecasting a 13th place conference finish for Donnie Tyndall's initial Tennessee team. There are so many question marks that it is difficult to give them much benefit of the doubt.

Click to Clancy's Tavern & Whiskey House!
4. Tyndall's use of the media in an obvious attempt to motivate Dominic Woodson is interesting. There is a real split of opinion among coaches about the efficacy of that tactic.

5. Bruce Pearl is nothing if not consistent. His "invasion" of an Auburn marketing class is just a continuation of the sideshow he predict over in Knoxville.

6. This Champions League campaign is illustrating the continuing erosion of the Premier League. The English sides bear no resemblance to the best squads in the field.

7. Hunter Strickland was channeling his inner Joaquin Andujar in Game 2. There must be something about Kaufman Stadium in the postseason that brings out the crazy in opposing pitchers.

8. Call me crazy, but I think Kentucky will give Mississippi State real trouble tomorrow. The Wildcats looked to me to have just enough to be capable of the huge upset.

9. Ole Miss faces a moment of truth tomorrow night in Baton Rouge. A win their points them directly at 12-0.

Tune in today to a star studded edition of Show Cause. Also, join me at Clancy's tonight and The Crown & Goose tomorrow for some pre Alabama revelry.


Young Gun Jon Reed, who you can hear from 3p to 5p eastern today along with Christian Lundy, brings his Friday offering.

Jon Reed
'Peyton Manning’s greatness is on display every week in the NFL. His consistency and command of an offense is unparalleled at the quarterback position. He’s a maestro. Calling him the greatest regular season quarterback of all-time is a back-handed compliment, but, at the same time, you cannot talk about his excellence without acknowledging that his resume is a little short in the championship department. However, this year the Broncos are clearly the favorites to hoist the Lombardi come February. It’s scary how much improved that team is on defense and the offensive line, and the addition of Emmanuel Sanders is one of the most underrated story lines of the season. The guy is a flat out baller that won’t be shy of the intense playoff atmosphere when other teams try to bully Denver’s receivers like the Seahawks did last year.

Whether or not you rank Peyton as the greatest of all time, the debate between him and Tom Brady should be dead. The difference in their levels of play as they age should close the case.

Virginia Tech is attempting to do the nation a favor by mailing in their season. That loss last night to Miami was embarrassing. The worst the Hokies look, however, the softer Ohio State’s resume will look when it comes down for the playoff committee to select their teams. How in the world did that team go into the Horseshoe and beat Urban Meyer by two scores? At this rate, the Battle at Bristol in 2016 looks very tasty to Vol fans.

Tim Lincecum succumbing to injury in Game 2 is another sad chapter in his continued fall. Just a couple of years ago, he was the most dynamic pitcher in the league. Now, he’s just the guy that looks like the kid from Dazed and Confused. This Royals/Giants series isn’t drawing the TV ratings, but the checkers match between managers makes it must-see television. This series is a real test to whether or not I am the curse that needs to be cleansed over Tennessee athletics; I hold a ticket to cash in with the Royals at 45-1 odds to win the World Series for a nice little payday.

Speaking of curses that need to be cleansed, can the Titans just go ahead and retire the #10 jersey please? At least for future quarterbacks? The Jake Locker era came to an end with the announcement that Mettenberger is the guy for the rest of the season, and I agree with the move. At 2-5, the season looks to already be completely lost. It’s only logical that you give the rookie a chance to audition while the franchise evaluates whether or not they potentially found the answer at QB before having a top 5 pick in next year’s draft. If the kid plays like he took those punches from the Alabama fans in the bar fight, he might be okay. If not, I’m all on board to “Win None for Winston!”

It’s sounding less and less likely that Justin Worley is going to be able to go on Saturday which solidifies that last week’s Ole Miss game was one of the most disastrous of the last 15 years. A 31 point blowout in which the other team’s coach apologizes for scoring on you to go along with giving up 34 unanswered points, extending the offense’s conference streak of futility to 8 quarters without a touchdown, and having your starting quarterback not survive.

Now the question is whether or not you bite the bullet and let Nathan Peterman go out there and captain the team to another big-time blowout or do you burn Josh Dobbs’ redshirt in hopes of lighting a spark in the team and at least getting a chance to evaluate him?

We’ll discuss this and more tomorrow on Young Guns from 3-5PM EST on the Tony Basilio Network. Follow @jon__reed on twitter.

Go Vols!


Tee Mail....A moment of silence for Kiffin?

'I'm not for booing or chastising Kiffin with vulgarities. Yelling and screaming at him only draws attention to him, which is what Kiffin wants, thrives on, and uses... You allow him to resell that to the 18-21 year olds as "disrespecting" their team and actually motivate them. I actually think a statement could be made if the whole stadium, when they take the field, basically goes completely silent, and everyone turns their back on the field. Just for one minute.

Hard to get pumped up from eerily, dead silence.... And it actually has everyone that's a Tennessee fan saying the same exact thing...nothing.... He gets no attention, he deserves no reaction, and no respect.

Brandon, Hendersonville'

A little Canadian Football?

I say, in honor of King Johnny, we employ the quick kick about 5 times on Saturday. Why not? Is Peterman going to pick up that 3rd and 17?

Jim 91'

For those in town tonight for the game, take in Orange Madness tonight at 7pm at the arena. Link

Tee Mail

I had to drop you a line to thank you for telling the truth about the 'fake college' scandal in Chapel Hill. I can't add a word to your commentary, it is spot on. Not only is Roy Tse-tung a massive fraud as a basketball coach, we now find out he is a massive fraud as a human being (or should I say human using?).

As for Coach Pearl, I would suggest you adopt my philosophy and be happy that Saban didn't want him at Alabammer. As hard as it is to watch his tactics (which will work by the way) at Auburn, remember it could be worse. I choose to remember the good times and will enjoy watching Pearl take Florida, LSU and Vandi apart when we're not playing. For those who choose to hate BP, remember it was Cheek and Hamilton who failed to adequately prepare our staff for the questions they knew would be asked in that now-infamous ncaa bbq meeting.

As for our coach, I could not be more impressed and excited. Dave Hart fell into something again and came out smelling like a rose. Donnie Tyndall's up-tempo, system basketball with talented wing scorers and athletic dunkers in the post... I'm hoping that will overcome the annual point guard problem. We did ok last year with a 2 playing there (Barton) backed up by a tentative freshman (Thompson).

Here's the deal. We have 3 games against the SEC's elite teams and/or coaches (KY, FL, Aub). That leaves 15 conference games against what I call the southern conference. I know Arkansas and LSU are pretty stacked, but I believe we split with them and win 10-11 games in the league this year. Call me crazy but I just can't work myself up into fearing what everybody else has coming back. And doing research on Coach Donnie Tyndall's record has already taught me this guy will not be outworked by anyone. If the last 3 seasons have taught me anything, it's that you can't get too emotionally involved supporting your team when YOU care more about it than the HEAD COACH apparently does. It's not a bad thing to refuse to allow your players to be bullied. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Coach Tyndall even got a Technical foul (gasp!) called on him at some point this year. I'm all for it in fact with the SEC officiating.

Hang in there and keep bringing it strong for the common fan! I love the Jayson Swain appearances by the way.

UTK '95'

If you're a Virginia Tech fan you realize that your program is Tennessee at the end of Fulmerville. Mike Huguenin yesterday told me he didn't think Frank Beamer would make the 2016 Battle of Bristol. Beamer is in huge trouble after last night. Last night's home game with fledgling Miami was a disaster. Link


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