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Friday Live @ KenJo Market
1104 Highway 321 N in Lenoir City, TN 37771
Posted: Friday, September 23rd, 2016, 9:24 AM • Permalink
This is it! The whole ball of wax. The big enchilada. It's time! It's time for Tennessee to win a game of consequence in Neyland Stadium. It's time for this fan base to see October with some magic in their eyes. It's time to put the past behind us and reclaim past glory. It's time to beat the damn Florida Gators once again.

Before we do anything else...Please spread the word to your friends/coworkers on what we do here! Be a great week for the living fan to discover/rediscover what we do here! Let 'em know about the App. Let 'em know about the postgame offerings and the on-demand items. It's to be a weekend to remember no matter what.

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Do you want to win tickets to the sold out Florida game? Come to the KenJo Market (1104 Highway 321 N) in Lenoir City (TN 37771) today!!! Somebody is going to walk out of there with a seriously valuable prize! It might as well be you! In fact, I'm cheering for you to get it done today!

Feeling great today after playing some terrific live music last night. Down at Clancy's in Gay Street next to Tennessee Theater. Remember, we are there EVERY Thursday there's a home football game! Fountain City Ramblers were reeling/rocking and rolling till the break of dawn last night. We had a great time!

Orange Throat leads things off for us on this Friday.

Orange Throat
'Basilio Nation:

The time has come. Let's control the controllables. In other words, we as fans need to grow some chest hair (even the women) and give Florida hell for 60 minutes tomorrow and more if it goes to overtime. Don't expect your team to be tough and resilient if you fall apart when a bad play happens late in the game. Now, on to random musings:

TENNESSEE BASKETBALL STILL SEARCHING FOR RECRUITING MOMENTUM: The news on the Tennessee Basketball recruiting front continues to be bad. Legacy prospect Isaiah Stokes (#122 in 247 rankings) visited last weekend and did not commit and has a boatload of visits to come. News came Tuesday that last weekend's other visitor, 6-7 Floridian Tyler Polley (#135) committed to UConn. 7-footer Victor Uyaelunmo (#180) from Miami reportedly cancelled his UT visit for this weekend and is thought to be headed to Southern Cal. It's still early, but Bruce Pearl's Auburn program is #1 in the nation right now with his class. Tennessee is unranked because you have to have a commitment to get ranked. Today is day #540 since Rick Barnes has secured a commitment from a Top 100 player in the nation for the Tennessee program. Barnes and assistants are telling folks that this freshman class is better than advertised and our resident hoops guru Keith Hatfield agrees, so we can hope that's true.

THE KICKING GAME: Tomorrow's game could easily boil down to the field goal kickers. Florida has a new kicker, Miami sophomore Eddy Piniero, who has been very good and already has a 54-yarder to his credit. Aaron Medley got off to a good start with two in the App State game but has tailed off in the last two. In fairness, the UT offensive non-brain trust put him in a bad situation on the hurried 55-yard try in the Ohio game. Medley barely missed a 55-yarder at the buzzer in Gainesville last year. Would be sweet redemption if he drills one for the win tomorrow.

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GLASS HALF FULL: Chance Hall's return to RT sticks and the OL is stabilized, although we're hearing Coleman Thomas will have a hard time going at all tomorrow. Reeves-Maybin's tender shoulder holds together. Colton Jumper plays 10 times better than he did vs. Florida last year, when he got pulled. Mike Debord rolls out some nice wrinkles and we see a Tennessee offense put it all together. Josh Dobbs ran the ball 18 times for 136 yards at The Swamp last year, but passed for only 83.
GLASS HALF EMPTY: Florida exploits UT weakness at linebacker and the corners, and the Gator defensive front gobbles up the Vol offensive line. The Gators stay ahead of the chains with their bruising run game and keep the pressure off QB Austin Appleby or (McElwain pulls a fast one and trots Luke Del Rio out there).

FORECAST: It's going to be a hot, tense day at Neyland Stadium. Our Volunteers in the first three games haven't lived up to their preseason Top 10 ranking and have rarely looked like the complete team we expected. We don't agree with callers who question Butch Jones and the importance he places on this game. He wants to win it badly. For the previous three years, he just wasn't ready and his players had not grown up enough to do it. Our head tells us the Gators will win enough battles at the line of scrimmage to control the tempo of the game and figure out another fourth quarter win. However, our heart strongly says that despite the injuries, despite all of the problems, we think Tennessee fans will finally see this horrible streak come to an end tomorrow. It will end because Butch Jones and his staff have recruited players like Josh Dobbs, Jalen Hurd, Alvin Kamara, Josh Malone, Derek Barnett, and Jalen Reeves-Maybin. These players are great leaders and they want to rid themselves of the rotten taste of losing to these people and their ingrate fans. We're going to go with our heart and call for something like 23-20, Volunteers, and a Smartway/Garza Law Firm Fifth Quarter Fan Reaction like no other.

FOR AMUSEMENT ONLY (8-4 vs. the spread) We're not in love with any of the SEC lines this week but it's no fun not to pick anything. Vanderbilt is a 7.5 point dog at Bowling Green vs. Western Kentucky of Conference USA. Vandy HC Derek "Radio" Mason's Commodores got trucked at Georgia Tech last week but we think they might be able to keep it close. Arkansas is catching 6 points vs. the Texas Aggies at Jerry World. We like the Porkers and the points. Tennessee opened as a 10-point favorite but the line was immediately bet down to -8.5. We're saying we made the pick of the Gators while it was at +8.5. As of this writing, it had drifted down to 6.5.

Basilites, please tell your friends about the app. They need the app. The app is free. How many great things are truly free? This is great, so have them download the app. Tomorrow's Smartway/Garza Law Firm 5th Quarter Fan Reaction will be epic either way. We think epic good, but it could be epic bad. Either way, it will be epic.

Orange Throat
IGYV We Pray'

Throaty...Congrats!!! You move the bar!!! How about Butch Jones taking your idea of letting Tyler Byrd play in the secondary to heart? Proud of you man. We here at continue to be a website of serious consequence in these parts.

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From Throaty we go to Jerry Colquitt who covers Tennessee/Florida in the film room!!!

Jerry Colquitt
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2016 Tennessee vs. Florida Scouting Report

FLORIDA OFFENSIVE PERSONNEL – 12 Personnel (1 Back, 2 Tight Ends and 2 Wide Receivers).

FLORIDA SECONDARY PERSONNEL – 11 Personnel (1 back, 1 tight end).

Passing Game: Florida’s core passing game is a true pro-style system in which much of the plays are from under center, down the field in the nature and coordinates directly with the running game (play action). Most of the game they will play with 2 receivers on the field at once, which is not common these days. Gator wide receivers #81 Antonio Callaway and #4 Brandon Powell are both electrifying and can score from anywhere on the field. To reiterate, their passing benefits from a tremendous running game and from the personnel group that it keeps on the field most of the time. Their ability to run the football from 12 personnel puts tremendous pressure on their opponent’s cornerbacks. This happens when teams are forced to play with a safety in the middle of the field while the other safety supports the run game leaving the cornerbacks one on one. This is where they are excellent at picking apart the outer third of the secondary. The speedy Callaway and Powell have run by several of the SEC’s best cornerbacks on run after catches and for deep touchdowns in 2015 and 2016. Tennessee corner’s #8 Justin Martin and #12 Emmanuel Mosely will have the heavy burden minimizing big plays if the Gator’s downhill run game gets going.

Tennessee’s pass rush in this type of contest that will have less opportunities due to the offensive (12) personnel Florida keeps on the field and the style of offense it runs (traditional pro-style offense). One of the things to keep an eye on is the stamina of Tennessee defensive ends #9 Derek Barnett and #50 Corey Vereen with so much emphasis on stopping a formidable pro-style running game.

Look for fresh bodies from the bench to generate pass rush as I believe Barnett and Vereen will spend much of their energy on 1st and second down. Generally speaking, the Gators pass block very well especially from 12 personnel and also once they move to 1 back sets out of shotgun.
The absence of Florida QB #14 Luke Del Rio in my mind means nothing in the contest in terms of the passing game. Even with Del Rio, the passing game works through the running game. The nature of how Florida runs the ball will constantly put both Martin and Mosely on islands all night against two of the SECs big play wide receivers. (No Advantage – without Del Rio)

Running Game: Florida’s run game is classic in nature. The QB will line under center, tailback at 8 yards deep and the tight ends often will play in a 3 point stance attached to the line of scrimmage. The large majority of their runs are between the tackles. The inside running game of the Gators on tape can wear opponents down 4/5 yards at a time while also eating up the clock. Against Kentucky, Florida kept the ball nearly the entire first quarter. They play a quartet of backs #22 Lemical Perine, #24 Mark Thompson, #25 Jordan Scarlett and #32 Jordan Cronkrite. They all run very well between the tackles and are a load for safeties once they reach the second level. #25 Jordan Scarlett of the bunch has the ability to break it away and go the distance.

Playing against traditional pro-style running games has not been a strength of this defense. Their undersized linebackers #53 Colton Jumper, #34 Darrin Kirkland and #21 Jalen Reeves-Maybin have struggled against these types of schemes with multiple true blocking tight ends and/or fullbacks against their 4-3 defense. The Vol linebackers have had trouble getting off second level blocks from the line of their opponents, which means Tennessee’s interior defensive linemen has to player better at the point of attack. I expect to see #2 Shy Tuttle often in this contest as a means to plug the interior of their defense. (Advantage – Florida)


Florida Passing Game Defense: Unlike last year with Dante Fowler, Florida doesn’t have a premier pass rusher on the edge. #94 Bryan Cox Jar is an active player at defensive end for this front who will line up over #55 Coleman Thomas. Though Cox has different attributes than a Dante Fowler, he does have pass rushing skills and on paper is a mismatch for Tennessee’s offensive tackles. The other intriguing matchup for Tennessee is its interior line vs. #57 Caleb Brantley and #91 Joey Ivie. The two interior defensive linemen have tremendous get off against their opponent’s centers and guards. The Gators primarily rely on their front four to get pressure on the quarterback. Linebacker and secondary blitzes are used on very situational bases.

The secondary features four future pro players. At safety Florida will feature #20 Marcus Maye, #8 Nick Washington and #26 Marcell Harris. The leader of the bunch is Maye. Maye is a tremendous athlete, who anticipates well and has excellent ball skills to pluck away interceptions on poorly thrown balls in the middle of the field and take them to the house. #6 Quincy Wilson and #31 Jalen Tabor are excellent man and zone defenders. Wilson and Tabor have the weight (>200lbs) and length to matchup with Tennessee’s outside receivers. Defending deep balls, a strength of the Dobbs to Malone combination, is a strength of corners Taylor and Wilson. Most impressively, several times in zone you see them anticipate plays and jump routes for interceptions which tells me these guys study film! (Advantage – Florida)

Florida Running Game Defense: This aspect starts with the linebackers. Often in college with 1 back, 3 receiver sets college teams linebackers don’t get enough practice against the run. For Florida, #34 Alex Anzalone and #40 Jarrad Davis are technicians at playing downhill, shedding blockers against centers and guards and yet still can make tackles. This pair is an exception to that rule. Also, it benefits them to have Brantley and Ivie constantly occupying linemen to allow them to play downhill and flow laterally. #94 Bryan Cox Jar can hold the edge against lateral sweeps to his side.

From the safety position, expect to see Marcus Maye, Nick Washington and Marcell Harris support the run from the secondary. They are excellent tacklers technique wise as Maye and Harris have the ability to dish out heavy hits from the safety position. Against this team the best opportunity will be to create blocking angles with advantageous personnel groups and formations, run in straight lines and give the Gators a dose of their own medicine from Hurd and Kamara.

The run defense of Florida for Butch Jones’ offense poses matchup problems for Tennessee’s offensive line across the board. It will be interesting to see what they create to have a formidable running attack in Hurd and Kamara. (Advantage – Florida)

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Keys to the game:

Does Butch Jones’ have the patience to play the game through Hurd and Kamara if they have limited time of possession and limited drive opportunities per half if Florida is eating up the clock?

Does Tennessee have the stamina and depth on the inside to withstand a steady dose of Florida’s pro-style running attack?

Does Dobbs once again put this team on his back and somehow pull out victory for Tennessee by any means necessary?

Will Florida QB #12 Austin Appleby pull a Freddie Kitchens, a Jay Barker, a Treon Harris, a Will Grier and play a clean game and rely on his teammates for a victory against Tennessee?

There are several interesting dynamics to this contest and I cannot wait to see them played out.

Enjoy the game and I'll be on with Tony & Russell Postgame to discuss!

Go Vols

Jerry Colquitt

VFL 1990 - 1994'

Hatfield's Nine
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Judgment Day is upon Butch Jones and his program. The proceedings at Neyland Stadium tomorrow will provide a window to the current soul of Tennessee football.

1. The coaching staff cannot allow caution to become an impediment to success. The lessons of last season have to be heeded.

2. This is the stage where we see if Bob Shoop is worth the fanfare. It stands to reason that a quality defensive coordinator should be able to disrupt a bad backup quarterback.

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3. I fully expect an atmosphere in Neyland Stadium comparable to Oklahoma last season. The fans will do their part.

4. My main fear is that the Florida defense or special teams score or set up very short fields. If Tennessee can prevent that, the Gator offensive should not break 17.

5. Ole Miss gets yet another crack at a highly ranked opponent. Georgia gets a chance to validate their lofty ranking.

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6. Michigan State and Wisconsin to battle to see who gets to chase Ohio State and Michigan. The Badgers must find more offense to win in East Lansing.

7. Dana Holgorsen can alleviate some of the pressure on him with a win against BYU. Every win is critical for his future at this point.

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8. Arsenal and Chelsea play in a game that is likely to have Champions League qualifying ramifications. Both sides want to be positioned in striking distance of Manchester City.

9. Rick Barnes needs to make a quick refocus to salvage the class of 2017. Going all in on Sterling Manley would be a good start.

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Stop by and see our friends at Sapphire on Gay Street this Florida weekend. The Olympus punch alone is worth the trip.

The Blankenship Field renovation project is in high gear. Keep the momentum going by donating at

(Click to donate)






-The Gators rushed for over 225 yards in both of their last two games. The first time that’s happened since 2009....


-The Gators have held their first three opponents under 200 total yards this year....









Tee Mail:
'Hello Tony,

Keep your morning blog going. It gets the day off to a good start.

You mentioned UT using a fullback. Do they even have one on the roster? Possibly could they use a tight end coming from the side to the same effect?

Also, as an average chair bound athlete I have noted that many of UT running plays are very slow to develop. I have seen on a few plays and replays that the O line actually opens a quick hole but that it closes up by the time the play develops and the running back gets there. Have you or your esteemed staff of experts noted the same? thanks, Dean'

Dean: Great to hear from you. Jerry Glanville said yesterday on the show that Tennessee needs to run the draw to keep defenses honest. As for a fullback, Jakob Johnson could fill this role. He's just sitting around waiting for something to do. Tennessee could utilize him as they did Ellis in the bowl games yesterday.

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'Greetings Tony! It's been a while since I've written; but, I felt like with the retirement of Vin Scully at the end of the season I had to say something about one of, if not the greatest, baseball voices of all time. Since the end is rapidly approaching for Vinny, I'm growing rather retrospective & desirous to hear his voice call games as much as possible.

I'll be watching/listening to ESPN shortly to hear Vinny call the 4th inning of tonight's Dodgers-Giants game & then switch back to Sportsnet LA to hear the finish. I hope MLB does broadcast his final call from AT & T in Frisco in a few days.

I got to thinking today, which as you know for me is dangerous, Vinny was calling baseball games 6 years before I was born! Think about that. (For you uninformed souls Vinny has been calling Dodger games for 67 years!) It blows the mind to think about such a feat.

I heard someone say on Sportsnet LA Sunday, during the D-backs/Dodgers game, that the day Vinny drops the mic he'll his love affair with baseball will be exactly 80 years old to the day. In this world of instant gratification, how refreshing that is.

Getting use to listening/watching Dodger baseball WITHOUT Vinny calling it will be quite an adjustment for me. Vinny has been a part of my life for 6 months out the year from my childhood to old age! Vinny has been a part of seeing Jackie Robinson break the baseball color barrier, called a perfect game in a World Series, called Sandy Koufax's games, called Henry Aaron's 715th home run, called Kirk Gibson's World Series walk-off home run (which still gives me chills every time I see it) & many other great historical baseball feats.

The thing most folks wouldn't know is Vinny's the all-time favorite Dodger as voted by the fans. He also is one of the most humble God fearing men on the face of this earth. So from one Dodger baseball purest to a Phillies baseball purest, Vinny should be saluted by all. Baseball will be the poorer when Vinny signs off for the final time October 2 in Frisco.

Vandy Joe'

Joe: Anytime you shine the light on Vin Scully!!! I'm all for you!!!

So, let's get back to the Florida game or let's get back to ripping each other as a fan base.

Posted: Thursday, September 22nd, 5:53 PM
by Beano
Posted: Sunday, September 11th, 9:28 PM
by Doink
It's Not Over
Posted: Tuesday, September 20th, 12:03 PM
by Alison
Florida vs. Tennessee Stat and Score Predictions
Posted: Saturday, September 24th, 9:14 AM
Florida Game Preview
Posted: Thursday, September 22nd, 5:38 PM
by Josh

Happy Friday!!!!! John in Gainesville lighten up Francis, I'm picking on you. I do however get tired of you calling in trying to spread your Vol depression throughout radio land, stop creating situations that haven't even happened yet. That's my advice to all the Tony Basilio family, you all sound depressed and defeated.

Now Barney Boy from Virginia is going to call your show today (Friday), do me a favor Tony don't you dare let him sink into pregame depression because Tennessee isn't losing this game Saturday. In fact they are going to roll Florida and a decades worth of oppression will be lifted out of Knoxville! And to Hatfield, I'll bet I find Jimmy Hoffa before Rick Barnes finds a 4 star recruit!

Cody Underwood'

Cody: Why you want to pick on John From Gainesville? I will say this....John does get kind of old with that woe is me stuff. His style. Not mine. I'm calling this shot. I'm calling it as I see it. Tennessee better win this game tomorrow because it's a layup. You're a 4th year coach in a division with the weakest schedule of divisional opponents of all time.


Just did a bit of research and these numbers are astounding! Go VOLS!

John in Gainesville

Final Thought: Tennessee 17….Florida 14

Coming next week….'X' & CC Hoops on Hoops….

Tony B

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