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Posted: Thursday, May 26th, 2016, 5:43 AM • Permalink
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UT Florida of the highest stakes??? Link

Well, this is the strangest thing you'll see connected to UT sports. Or is this even connected to UT sports? What a strange world we live in. Link

Mike Huguenin will be on today to discuss this. Link

The UT Baseball situation is interesting. I was told yesterday that Dave Hart (as of mid day Wednesday) still hadn't arrived at a decision on Dave Serrano. A couple things to consider as we watch this unfold:

1. Hart really likes Serrano as a person.
2. Serrano has a terrific reputation as person in Knoxville & at UT.
3. Hart is getting ZERO PRESSURE from boosters to fire Serrano.
4. If UT would've made a mini-run, Hart was going to bring DS back.
5. This decision is Hart's alone.
6. Hart is more worried about his own fate than Serrano's.
7. UT will have a new Chancellor July 1st.
8. Hart has had his requests for his own extension denied.
9. Will Hart want to 'fool' with this hire with all the above in motion?
10. Hart is absolutely unpredictable, but has a level of knowledge....

What you do learn from this Serrano situation is the power of personality. Todd Raleigh actually had a better record than Serrano at UT, but got absolutely no rope because he behaved like a horse’s ass toward his players. Rod Delmonico is the most accomplished coach in UT Baseball history, yet he was shown the door with absolute glee from the powers that be. While Serrano is well liked to the point where he's moved the needle very little there's no pressure for his removal. Serrano is Tennessee's Dale Carnegie. He's won friends but hasn't won games. Delmonico won games but didn't win friends. Raleigh did neither. Therefore the lesson from this deal may end up being that it's better for Tennessee Baseball to be seen and not heard.

Serrano does have a press conference scheduled for today at 11:30 eastern time. What he does is anybody's guess. Again, you're dealing with the unpredictable Dave Hart here, and he's getting very little pressure from $$$ to make a move on Serrano.

I guess my point is that Serrano may still get fired, but the fact that it didn't happen on Tuesday night in the locker room in Hoover tells you how well loved the guy is. Most coaches with his lack of performance would've been axed a question before the clock hit midnight central time.

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Ethan Wolfe is going to be an impact player in 2016. Link

Is Hugh Freeze really going to get away with it? You gotta love the NCAA! Maybe Mike Detillier was right. Perhaps the SEC is more interested in keeping member football teams from NCAA entanglements than justice being served. Oh well. There's always Donnie Tyndall to mess with. Link

Vandy has a new women's hoops coach. Link

Now this is high comedy about Bama. Link

Sunny Galloway isn't going away easily. Link

Oh no. Are people still talking, writing and thinking about Manning and PED's? Link

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The poor NHL can't lose for winning on TV. Check this out. Link


I have a new favorite Philly!!! Link

Race fans...Race Fans...RACE F A N S!!! Reading this blew my mind. Link

Jackie Bradley, Jr. has now hit safely in 29 straight games. He's only 27 games away from Joltin Joe. Talk about a record that will NEVER be broken. Rest in peace, Joe. It ain't happening.



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