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Live Thursday @ Sushi Spot
Posted: Thursday, May 21st, 2015, 9:37 AM
We were having a discussion on the show yesterday when Dr Sean Sinclair pointed out that Tennessee finished 12th in combined in men's and women's all sports in the SEC this year. Then somebody said we were anywhere from 12th to 14th in Men's sports overall in this league. It turns out UT's men are dead last for the just completed school year. That's an embarrassment. This is absolutely unacceptable on EVERY possible level. Dr Sinclair said that while Florida has population advantages over Tennessee, few other schools in the league enjoy an upper hand on Tennessee when it comes to offerings. This community is simply too great with too many people that care about UT sports for this to continue. In fact, if you look at attendance figures the # of fannies in the seats far exceeds accomplishments on the field. In fact the disparity between the two is absurd. It's time to start winning around here. This fan base remains the most under served in all of college sports.

Here's more on the debacle of a sports year on The Hill. Link

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On the recitation of the General's Maxims, Ward puts forth how he thinks UT is going to play this.

'Here is how it works...10 minutes before kickoff...before "Down the Field" gets played. a killer Montage gets played of Vols clips from days gone by...ends with pic of Neyland himself...then goes to live shot of locker room...we get about 45 seconds of Butch at his pre game fired up apex...leading to the team reciting the maxims...and the crowd does it with the team.

Go Vols

Rick Barnes said on the Caravan stop in Nashville last night that a neutral site game in the music city annually is a possibility. I vote YES on this! I loved when Bruce Pearl went out of his way to play in Nashville. In fact, I'm an advocate of playing somewhere near Memphis if possible. Be the state school. With hoops you have enough dates to elongate your footprint. Why not? Go for it.

I'm sorry. But the thought of that is really enough to make me want to sleep. I don't see the crowd reciting the maxims under any circumstances. It's just not going to happen.

Murriano had a great idea with regards to the execution of the maxims that I wanted to share with you. Take a page from Bama's playbook and do something with some footage of General Neyland to get the crowd fired up. Surely Tennessee has something in the archives of the General urging on his guys or the boosters or students. Or perhaps there's a piece of training footage that exists of him from his military days. Muriano's point is that Tennessee needs to come up with a better way to honor the General and keep his memory alive. If done right, Muriano's idea could have serious legs.

Your number for the day is courtesy of EWadd.
Record of UT Baseball Head Coaches after 4 years

Dave Serrano 101-110
Todd Raleigh 108-113
Rod Delmonico 149-90

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Vols will go as UT's offensive line goes in 2015. Link

Jones UT/Bowling Green in Nashville 'may kick off sometime in mid to late afternoon.' Link

If this is true, the Titans are gouging their fans and that's just dead wrong. Check this out. Link

Vandy keeps on ticking in Baseball. Link

Oh no. Poor Burkey. Link

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If college football players are deemed employees by NLRB in the Northwestern case, Notre Dame is talking tough. Link

Meanwhile Northwestern's AD believe everything should be on the table regardless of the NLRB's findings. Link

Notre Dame let Charlie Weiss rob them blind. Link

Jim Harbaugh doesn't care. He cracks on fellow Michigan man Tom Brady. Love it! Link

With DeMarre Carroll getting hurt last night in Atlanta in a game 1 loss to Cleveland, Hawks are facing extinction. Link

PAC 12 Network remains invisible on DIRECTV. Link

Interesting move here by Penn State. Pretty good idea really. Tennessee could benefit from something like this. Link

College football playoff is a winner. Link

Florida declared itself DB U earlier this week on YouTube. Not so fast my friend says this piece. Link

Yet another reason to celebrate Steph Curry. Link

The poor Andretti's can't line up at Indy. A five decade drought? Who do they think they are, the Philly Eagles. Link

Goodbye Dave! Peyton Manning made the cut for the Top 10 list on Letterman's final show. Link

Letterman's 10 most profound moments. Link

Letterman's 10 best country music moments. Link

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Top 10 NFL coaching exits in honor of Letterman. Link

You saw the last, now check out the first episode of Letterman. Link

UFC Fight Night in Nashville. Link

Revis Island speaks the truth. Link

Jim Irsay...It's not if but when for the NFL returning to LA. Link

It can't be much fun being Bill Cosby these days. Link

Here's our new state logo that will replace the flag with three stars. What do you think of this? Link

Finally with Letterman's final show history, I want to say that it was a pleasure having him as a part of my youth. I'll never forget rewatching through the magic of VHS his groundbreaking brilliant yet moronic stuff through high school and college. Those were great days. Larry 'Bud' Melman will never be forgotten by this living fan. Viva Terry Garr!

Oh and Bud Melman was the freakin' man. Book it. Link


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