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Tuesday Stuffs
Posted: Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014, 9:45 AM
Been roughly one year since I relaunched my show after 9 quick years at 1180 AM here in Knoxville. When I first went there, not a lot was going on though some there were trying. Doug Mathews was kind enough to give me the opportunity to go into business for myself and purchase air time from him. This arrangement was life changing for me in many ways! Thank you Doug for the opportunity. Along the way at 1180 I had a chance to work around some real characters and it was mostly great fun. Radio has always been fun and addictive. That's the thing that's kept me going in the crazy game for over 20 years.

In recent weeks, news began to trickle out regarding the untimely demise of Tennessee Sports Radio. I'd be rich if I had a 10 spot for every well-meaning person in our community that gleefully checked in with the 'great news'. Only, folks don't really understand me. I play a son of a bitch on the radio at times but I'm really not one in real life. And radio stations going under means that people with families and bills to pay are losing jobs. This is never fun. I've been on all sides of this radio deal. I've been shockingly fired (at Horne Radio) and had the rug pulled out from me by a lying little twit called Taylor. He was a Doogie Howser looking GM that assured me my job was safe and to go home and 'have a Merry Christmas' before popping me the first work day back after the new year. I had two children at home at the time (1 and 1/2 year old) at the time. Unfortunately, radio is a snake pit full of people like Taylor. I NEVER believed a word that guy said.

Jason Bailey (who runs TSR) was always above board with me in the way he dealt with my situation. Like Doug Mathews I'm indebted to Jason for giving me the opportunity to remain at 1180 in my pay as you play arrangement even after he took over the station. This is extremely rare in markets the size of Knoxville.

Those that pay attention to such trivial matters will notice that I purposefully stayed off twitter last night. I literally take no glee in TSR going away. It could happen to anyone at any time, present company included.

I tip my cap to those guys or anyone in our business not affiliated with a major company that gets up and endeavors to compete and persevere. I appreciate the great ride those guys gave it. A tough business doesn't begin to describe the state of things.

To Erik Ainge, Dave Hooker, Jayson Swain and Jason Bailey I say the best of luck. I hope all of you will land on your feet. This business really is a blessing. It's maddening at times but its a blessing nonetheless. So, with that in mind, be blessed fellas at TSR.

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We will go inside Tennessee recruiting with Danny Parker Really solid news yesterday with Chris Weathered becoming the final UT qualifier in this class. Perhaps Danny said it best on Twitter. @TheDannyParker: Chris Weatherd's qualifying means all 32 signees in #Vols' 2014 class made the grades, scores. Scout's No.4-rated class.

Long gone are the days of Derek Dooley.

Weathered tweeted the following last night about qualifying 'Weatherd the storm ⚡️🍊! Time to put work in with my brothers. #Team118'

A 100% score is pretty tough to beat!

Pretty cool 1 on 1 here with Donnie Tyndall. Link

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Love the false equivalence by Dan Wetzel in this piece. You're only entitled to speak about Michael Sam when you're agreeing with the left in this country. Otherwise shut the hell up. That's the truth. Tony Dungy should know better than to speak honestly about this issue. How dare he? And besides in Wetzel's eyes both Dungy and Sam are minorities for different reasons. Gay is the new black. Get it? Link

Tony Dungy said he wouldn't take Sam because a marginal player isn't worth the circus. What's wrong with saying that? It isn't like Sam is going to be a difference maker. The guy can't move. What's wrong with stating that a marginal player with a circus around him isn't worth the headache. It's the truth. Name me a football coach alive that welcomes distractions. Michael Sam's situation is a complete distraction and he's not Jackie Robinson as much as the national media would have you believe that he is. Jackie Robinson was a Hall of Famer. Michael Sam is a future college cause celeb college speaker.

Here's another rip job on Dungy. This one from SI. You're not allowed to keep it real in this PC world. Link

Whoever gets this UGA football recruit is getting a real steal. Link

Victor Davis is a real steal as well at A&M. You think I'm wearing that out yet? Link

Damien Sandow got what's called 'cheap heat' in the wrasslin bizz last night in Miami. Link

Heartwarming gesture by Bama and NCAA. This is called doing the right thing for the right reason. Link

Wow. Playing with this injury last night must've been really painful for Evan Gattis. This seems like a HARD injury to play with. Click it and see what I'm talking about. Link

The arms race is alive and well at UConn. Link

Media week in the ACC and Clemson must ride its defense to prominence. Link

Its overkill time at Real Madrid. Link

Auburn had it rolling with star power back in the 80's, didn't they? Link

Jessee Smithey of KNS reports that Fulton's Jonathan Roth has been offered by MTSU. Great for him! Link

Knoxville ranked the most exciting city in Tennessee. A beautiful city? Yes. A livable city? Sure. An exciting city? Is this for real? Link


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