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Live Thursday Stover's
4505 Asheville Highway
Posted: Thursday, December 8th, 2016, 7:48 AM
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Thanks to Jodi Ramsey and Sherra Gillespie for hosting me yesterday at Citizens National Bank on the Parkway in Pigeon Forge. You know I'm passionate about helping in the community and these folks have been heroes up there in going the extra mile for the victims of the recent fires. Toward that end I want to call you attention to a way to help that I'm sure will impact the families involved. I will put my name behind this and you can trust that everything below is on the level. When I say 100% of the money will directly benefit the families, I mean 100% of your money. Please, if you're going to donate to this, go local.

An account has been set up at CNB – Sevier County Fire Relief Fund. 100% of the donations will benefit the families directly impacted by the wildfires.

There are 3 ways for you to make a donation:

In person at any one of CNB’s 20 branch locations. Visit for a branch near you.

Mail your donation to: CNB, Fire Relief Fund, 200 Forks of the River Pkwy, Sevierville, TN 37862

Online at Dolly Parton’s “My People Fund” at this link.

Thanks again for all y'all do to make Vol Nation the best Nation in the world.

Here are #'s to consider as we start Thursday. I don't put these #'s out for any reason other than to publish them These are courtesy of the caller W yer Lynn. These are interesting. What do you make of these #'s?

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Tennessee Football:

Record Under Phillip Fulmer His Last 4 Years:
29-21 Overall
17-16 In SEC*

Record Under Kiffin/Dooley Four Seasons:
23-27 Overall
9-23 In SEC

Record Under Butch Jones Four Seasons:
29-21 Overall**
14-18 SEC

*Counts SEC Title Game W/ Auburn
**Pending Music City Bowl W/ Nebraska

Did we really live through those 12 seasons? Wow. What an amazing fan base this is. How is that stadium still sold out? Where does this passion come from? It's not from results. Why is Butch Jones getting ripped so badly? I think it's because this fan base is STARVING. Otherwise, I don't know what to make of those #'s. How about you? What do you make of this?

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Tee Mail:


Let's get up for this bowl game. It is likely the last time that we will be able to see Barnett, Kamara, Sutton, or Dobbs in UT Orange. Rather than dwelling on the disappointing end to the season, let's really celebrate these guys.



Matt: We're singing off the same book. I will do exactly this today on the air! I'm ready to move on. I'm through the mourning period. Doc Sinclair put this really well yesterday. And the truth is that crying over 2016 isn't going to change anything. Florida won the division AGAIN. There's nothing we can do now but let it go and enjoy the bowl game. It's time to live in the now!

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'Merry Christmas Vol Nation,

I'm not a blogger nor do I have desire to be one, but I felt compelled to offer a different perspective on our Head Coach, Butch Jones, and just exactly where we are as a program with him at the helm. He has used the mantra 'Brick by brick" for his process of building this program which made me think about the similarities of our profession. I'm in the construction business and I've made a pretty decent living through the years at several different skills. Some would call me the jack of all trades and master of none, I digress. The one thing I have never been is a general contractor.

You see, in construction whether building houses, roads or bridges, it takes all types of skill sets to accomplish the set goal and that doesn't happen without someone coordinating the operation.

You have excavation, framers, brick layers(aka Butch Jones), plumbers, electrical, etc... you get the point. While these skilled technicians are wonderful at their craft, it would not be wise for me to hire a brick layer to be my general contractor. A general contractor has a thorough
knowledge and is able to delegate appropriately.

Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Jim Harbaugh? These are General contractors. Our coach is a wonderfully skilled 'brick layer' but really struggles in other areas. Just like in construction, it's really hard to find a good reliable head coach in football

Please don't take this as me insulting our head coach because this is not what I'm doing. I am fully behind Butch Jones until his last day as our head coach but that doesn't stop me from recognizing he's got a ways to go before passing his contractor’s license exam. It's a hard test
and some have to take it two or three times before passing it. Some never do!

No doubt Butch Jones is learning on the job and unfortunately for him he's gone from building a shed, to a house and jumped right up to a pretty complicated high rise building here at the University of Tennessee and it's still in question whether he's going to be able to get the job done before the deadline.

My wish and hope for Butch Jones, the players and all of VolNation that he success and accomplishes what everyone wants. Getting to Atlanta!

Here's a list of all the SEC Head Coaches and their trades:

Nick Saban-General Contractor
Butch Jones-Brick Layer
Kevin Sumlin-Trim and Flooring
Ed Orgeron-Insulation
Jim Mcelwain-Septic
Bret Bielema-Excavation
Mark Stoops-Framer
Dan Mullen-Electric
Hugh Freeze-Heat and Air
Gus Malzahn-Internet and Cable
Kirby Smart-General Contactors son
Will Muschamp-General Contractors other son
Barry Odom-Roofing
Derek Mason-Day laborer

Go Vols & Merry Christmas!!

Jon in Gainesville'

Jon: Coming from a family of contractors and farmers I will say that this is really well done. It's a great analogy. I guarantee you that many people will read this a couple of times and give you a well done. In fact, I love the stuff at the bottom. Hugh Freeze...Heat & Air!!! Barry Odom Roofing...LOL....Derek Mason was wearing his laborer vest for the UT game. Butch Jones lays bricks. That's a damn tough job. He's a hard worker. Let me tell you something, they put me with the mason's when I was 16 and it was harder than hell. I said no mas, no mas.

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'Tony B:
We analyze, critique, twist, scrutinize, predict, speculate, spin, hope, and agonize. But when it comes down to it, the team that lands the 5 stars (not the 4 stars, or 3 stars) wins the national championship. Are Sabah & Meyer so great coaches or recruiters? They have the best players every year, so how can they not win??????? If a program wants to win a championship, it has to pay for a coach that can win 5 stars.

Otherwise it's a long shot even for smart coaches such as Petrino, Stoops, Franklin, Peterson, or whoever else doesn't have 5 stars. Swinney is getting a couple now he is in the picture.

Saban is the BEST at getting 5 stars and Meyer the close second. End of story. Other than that they are gym coaches in multimillion dollar homes.

Peace Out
Mid State Heath'

Mid State: I feel you there. When UT was all time great in the modern era they were landing five star players with decent frequency. Bama stacks 5 star players on top of 5 star players and does Yankee Bama (Ohio State). Perhaps that's why Tennessee landing Smith is so impressive. I don't get you alluding to National Championships. To quote Beano, 'I'd like to win the East before I'm deceased.'


We were picked 10-2 went 8-4...ok we are bowling...makes holidays year we will probably be picked 8-4 and go 10-2..does it really matter as long as Saban is at Bama? enjoy it when you can.

ranked #21, CFP poll is the real ranking...everything else is just window dressing..Could Western Michigan win a game in the West, especially after the attrition they would suffer in the first two games.

Trey Smith is a huge get matter how you do it.

The Armstrong kid from Nebraska (bad wrist) won't need to throw against us.

Hatfield says the weather has been dreary ...not in this neck of the woods (Pigeon Forge). I had to evacuate last Monday night, luckily the fire line missed my place by a half mile. The rain is a beautiful sight but too little too late. Love the Nine..keep it coming.

Duke is Duke

Kentucky or Duke? who you for?

Ernie Grunfield told us to hire Jay Wright.

Tennessee fans should wear graduation caps to Chapel

Let Butch be Butch...he will figure it out..

Harp, Sevier County'

Posted: Thu, Dec 8th, 1:53 PM
by Beano
Harp: Our prayers to your friends and neighbors in those parts. That correspondence is all time great. Having to choose between Duke hoops and UK is easy. Give me Kentucky all day long over them. Why? Because Duke fans are all about being seen and mainly Duke. They are needy and bitchy just like their head coach. Kentucky fans celebrate the game of basketball. Go to any SEC Tournament and you will see thousands of UK fans at games not involving their team. They love the sport even if they cheat like Hugh Freeze on steroids.

Today on the show. We will work toward crafting the petition. Tomorrow, you will read and sign the petition. Deal with it. For the Twittiots, please get over it. You know you're still in the fold. La la la la la Live for today.

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