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Missouri Monday
Posted: Monday, November 24th, 2014, 8:37 AM
Sometimes you have to tip your cap to your opponent. This is one of those times. Missouri beat Tennessee Saturday night because they were better on both lines of scrimmage. It's just that simple. When you go through the events of last week right through the final whistle Saturday night, Tennessee just wasn't winning that game. In retrospect, you're not beating a team when you're hurting like that in the middle. Tennessee lost AJ, Brian Randolph and their starting center Mack Crowder all in one week. Randolph was back in the second half but still. I realize some don't want to hear this but this program talent wise just isn't quite there yet. Now, you could make the point that Tennessee was a touchdown favorite at kickoff and this is true. Still, there's no way Tennessee is a better football team when you look back on it....[more]
Live @ Hardee's Kingston Pike/ Cedar Bluff
Posted: Friday, November 21st, 2014, 10:07 AM
Special thanks to my lovely wife Laura who worked extra hard yesterday to make sure my show can stay on the air. She saved my life yesterday and deserves a huge thanks. Without her, we wouldn't have a show today. Thanks to the lovely Mrs B!

Vol Colonel recently had a major surgery for cancer. He's down but he's far from out. He wrote me a message last night and I thought I would publish it here since we are all a part of this radio family.

We really missed the Vol Colonel at this week's film study session....[more]
Posted: Thursday, November 20th, 2014, 8:10 PM
by Beano



THE BAD GUY NEVER DIES UNTIL THE END For at least the fifth time this season (Okla St, Clem, ND, Louisville and Miami) Felonious State University looked to be in serious trouble teasing the rest of the hostile nation prior to mocking their way off the field with yet another improbable victory. Down 23-3 the Seminoles led by Crime Family Boss Jameis “Teflon” Winston outscored the Hurricanes 23-3 including a 20-3 second half advantage to win their 26th consecutive game. I will begrudgingly give FSU their due. With seemingly weekly reports of alleged lawless behavior and the turmoil that follows FSU continues to overcome both their on and off-field lack of discipline with ability and poise that can’t be questioned. What is in doubt however is can they continue their high-wire act once forced outside the cocoon of the feeble Atlantic Coast Conference that has proven more protective than both the Tallahassee and Florida State Law Enforcement Agencies...[more]
Posted: Thursday, November 20th, 2014, 9:26 AM
Sean Karl's Memorial Service: Will be held at Goodfriend Tennis Center today from 4-6pm. All attendees are encouraged to wear orange.

Kudos to UT's senior class. Per Butch Jones they elected not to wear the 'Smoky' Grey uni's. Link

Plus a source told me that Butch Jones wasn't happy with the 'Smoky' grey unis and the usual Tennessee helmet. They had trouble finding a match that was suitable. They looked at many different possibilities and never pulled the trigger.

I believe they plan to go full bore on an alternative uniform when Nike takes over 2015.

Plus, Tennessee is 0-2 in the 'Smoky' grey uni's.

On AJ Johnson....[more]
Live @ Pancho's South Knoxville
Posted: Wednesday, November 19th, 2014, 10:38 AM
In a place where you have to keep your head up constantly, we have good news today on the Tyndall front. Oh, I'm not here to give you anything about the meeting with (Igor) Smith from the NCAA. What I'm sharing with you is the good news. Donnie Tyndall is still the coach at UT today. If the meeting happened, Tennessee didn't hear anything worth popping Tyndall over. Seriously, this week, this qualifies as good news. Doesn't it? As of now, I have zero on the meeting yesterday and if you'll notice, I'm not alone. The place is on lock down on this one as it should be. Everywhere I go people are asking if Tyndall can survive this. The answer from my perspective is I don't know....[more]
Posted: Tuesday, November 18th, 2014, 8:57 AM
On AJ Johnson & Mike Williams:

Sources tell me Butch Jones had a semi incomplete picture of events when he met with the media yesterday. Thus his policy on no players practicing with legal matters pending turned into indefinite suspensions as the day wore on. This doesn't mean the players in question are guilty of anything but it does mean that UT thinks there is enough there to err on the side of caution. This is a non-Jimbo Fisheresque approach to this matter. So, Tennessee is going above and beyond on this until it's resolved. This should be applauded. As of this writing it looks like one female allegedly involved in this alleged incident is going to press charges. She is a student at UT while the other female is from Florida. A source close to this last night told me that the out of state female is prepared to testify in this case if it comes to that. I wouldn't count on AJ Johnson playing this weekend unless both females along with the authorities decide this matter isn't worth pursuing....[more]
Post Kentucky Monday!!
Posted: Monday, November 17th, 2014, 11:09 AM
We open today with a moment of prayer for the family of UT Tennis player Sean Karl who passed away yesterday after a battle with cancer. Karl inspired and touched many folks in recent months with his amazing attitude in the face of a terrible diagnosis. Link

Don't look now but the Vols are alive and well. It's time to finish strong. Mizzou brings a nice team into a Saturday night matchup in Neyland Stadium. I called the shot early and often in the blog last week and I'm here to tell you right now that Tennessee WILL get it done Saturday night for their third straight win. Can you imagine the feeling after Saturday's game when we realize the Vols have actually turned the corner. Bottom line, a win Saturday over Mizzou would be all I need to proclaim the Vols back. Don't fool yourself, Mizzou isn't great but they aren't Kentucky either. They will make Tennessee earn it....[more]
Live @ Hardee's Campbell Station Road
Posted: Friday, November 14th, 2014, 3:48 PM
IT was a tough film study this week without the Vol Colonel around. The ole VC is fighting a serious health issue and would really appreciate your prayers for him. In the meantime, we gathered as a concerned Tony Basilio Radio Show Family and broke down Kentucky.

While the Cats aren't great, they do have SEC scholarship athletes. They are thin, tired and have trouble getting off the field on defense. My question is, how long does Kentucky hang around tomorrow afternoon in frigid Neyland Stadium? I tried to convince my film study crew that this game won't be close. I scouted UK last weekend and they are gassed. This should be a rather easy win for the Vols. I will agree to disagree with my radio family contributors....[more]
Posted: Thursday, November 13th, 2014, 5:34 PM
by Beano



NEVER SAY NEVER Not that it’s the oldest rivalry but they did meet in Norman for the first time when I was a freshman in college (fall of 1974) which other than when measured in CFB years was a looooong time ago. Yet Baylor had NEVER won a game there. As a matter of fact until 2011 the Bears had never won a game versus Oklahoma PERIOD losing the first 20 games of the series. Never apparently doesn’t last forever as the Bears not only defeated the Sooners but did it in going away fashion outscoring their conference rivals 45-0 after the first quarter. Baylor had 225 more yards, 18 more first downs and had the games only takeaway to improve to 1-11 on the Sooner’s home turf....[more]
Thursday Live @ Sushi Spot
Posted: Thursday, November 13th, 2014, 9:15 AM
Talking to Larry Vaught of, something doesn't add up with Kentucky football. Where has Jo Jo Kemp been? Without him, Kentucky doesn't have their signature win of the season over South Carolina. That kid willed them to that win doing some amazing work out of the wildcat. Now he's buried on the bench at UK. He's not the only producer in the Stoops doghouse. Leading receiver Ryan Timmons has also been demoted. That's really strange to demote guys at a time when you're failing to finish drives.

With the receiver position a little thin for UT this weekend perhaps Von Pearson has a breakout. Link

Michael Carvell of AJC calls UT signee Alvin Kamara one of this year's feel good stories in college recruiting....[more]
Live @ Stovers 4505 Asheville Highway
Posted: Wednesday, November 12th, 2014, 9:12 AM
It was GREAT being at Calhoun's yesterday for Veterans Day! Many thanks to Jayson Swain for sitting in with me during my first hour as well. What a special day I had. Wonderful seeing all the Veterans proudly displaying their service. So many folks were there that I had no idea served our country. Wouldn't this be a better land if at least 2 years of some kind of service to something was required of all of us before entering the 'real world'? Just a thought.

Jon Reed surprised me yesterday on the air when he encouraged me to pump the brakes on the Joshua Dobbs canonization. Reed believes Dobbs could be an answer at QB but we really don't know what we have just yet. While this is a good point, I believe that the comeback over SC proves that Dobbs is capable of doing this kind of thing. Many times at that position, real leaders win games their teams have zero business winning....[more]
Posted: Thursday, November 6th, 2014, 9:12 PM
by Beano

BRUTAL BREAKTHROUGH: In the end it was all worth it but the rollercoaster ride that was Tennessee’s biggest win since 2007 was anything but enjoyable. Full disclosure here; I’m not sure I’ve experienced a Tennessee football game that I died a thousand deaths watching like last Saturday night since the 2001 SEC Championship Game. I realize the magnitude of those events are in different universes but I was a complete wreck. I was surprisingly hopeful, then anxious, then angry, then shamefully profane, then exhilarated. The Vols appeared to be poised to continue their practice of doing whatever it takes to lose a football game. There were the enduring short yardage failures such as Jalen Hurd’s two failed attempts inside the 1; Marlin Lane and Josh Dobbs combining for two yards on two carries from the 3 leading to a desperate Pig Howard reverse from the Gamecock 1 yard line; Lane’s later 10 yard east-to-west jaunt for zero yards leading to Hurd gaining nothing on 3rd and 1; that led to Medley’s second ill-fated appearance of the 3rd quarter; that led to my cussing binge that continued for almost the game’s entirety; that led to Sheno going to bed with a “you’re a complete moron” look on her face; but I digress. There were also the signature defensive lapses at the worst possible times such as Pharoh Cooper’s (please tell me there are no more Coopers on our schedule) inexplicably single-covered 85 yard -3rd and 11- TD catch seconds after the announcer’s brilliant summation of the Gamecock’s 4th quarter struggles....[more]
Posted: Thursday, October 30th, 2014, 5:55 PM
by Beano

I’M NOT JOSHIN At 27-0 after the first quarter Saturday night there was no way in the world anyone could have convinced me that I would be about to write a blog segment describing my heightened hope for the future of the program. As a matter of fact I was so angry with our performance and prospects for the future that even a Jumbotron tribute to one of my favorite all-time Vols –Peyton Manning- elicited an under my breath profanity laced response. I told those close to me that we’re so bad that our entire game production approach is to encourage the Orange-Blooded faithful to look back to past heights so we don’t think about how long it is taking to dig out of the current depths. “I’ll be 75 years old and they’ll be showing Peyton throwing TDs.I feel like an Illinois fan taking solace in Red Grange’s time on campus”. Then when the KPD came to remove some unruly Alabama fans from our section I begged them to “take me instead”. Then everything changed. Josh Dobbs entered the game and many of the mountains I saw that needed scaling didn’t seem so insurmountable. Our running game went from abysmal to admirable; our offensive line went from excruciating to executing; our November went from playing out the string to stringing together some wins. Josh Dobbs is not Condredge Holloway or Heath Shuler but in this offensive attack he is much closer to those guys than Justin Worley –however tough, courageous and admirable- ever had a chance to be....[more]
Posted: Thursday, October 23rd, 2014, 11:32 PM
by Beano

FRUSTRATED BUT NOT FED UP: Mike Strange wrote an excellent column in the October 20th edition of the Knoxville News Sentinel that utilized a series of questions to gauge the Big Orange Nation’s current level of faith in the direction of the program under Butch Jones. After an inexcusable (my word not Mike’s) loss to a dreadful Florida team and an embarrassingly lopsided effort versus Ole Miss. I will readily admit that I would have logged a stronger score on the SAT (Strange Attitude Test) after the Georgia game then I did the Monday after Ole Miss. While standing strong in the belief that Butch Jones fits here and is taking care of business on the most vital of fronts -such as mending relationships, creating stability, changing the culture and most importantly fortifying the roster through recruiting- I am less than impressed with the utilization and development of the offensive pieces –however limited- he and his staff currently have at their disposal. It is not the current staff’s fault that the offensive line is the worst of my 50 year memory of Vol football or that the quarterback is arguably the most pedestrian of that period. They do however need to take responsibility for refusing to help or develop either. Butch Jones -unlike his immediate predecessors- recognizes how special this place can be, greatly appreciates the opportunity, works hard at his craft and can obviously sell a dream yet to be realized....[more]
Posted: Thursday, October 16th, 2014, 6:12 PM
by Beano

MULLING MULLEN’S FUTURE: While watching the UTC game with lifelong friends Paeson and Rebo (I know, it sounds like a Gambino -or GamBeano- social club watch party) the former’s son –who we’ll call Donnie Knoxville- phoned his Dad to lament the Vols putrid offensive line play but dropped a gem between the lines. Could Dan Mullen be Florida’s next football coach? Mullen’s name has been prominently speculated in the noise surrounding Will Muschamp’s impending dismissal but Saturday’s results make it seem even more plausible. It made so much sense to me that I tweeted the following long after State’s third win in a row versus a Top-10 opponent and shortly following the Gator’s last-second loss to LSU:

I think three months from now we'll look back on October 11th as the day Dan Mullen became Florida's FB Coach.

Discussing the possibility the next day with Brother Freddy he questioned why a seemingly intelligent man such as Mullen would ever consider making that switch? In a job market where sanity is prevalent his point would be indisputable....[more]
Posted: Thursday, October 9th, 2014, 7:24 PM
by Beano

LAST WORD ON FLORIDA: The disappointment of the loss to Florida has without question lingered for longer than any I can remember since the 21-20 loss in 2006. I will for months –if not years- lament the missed opportunities in the 3rd quarter following what should have been devastating Gator turnovers. While convinced that the stinging defeat will not stunt the long-term program growth -evident everywhere except the offensive unit meeting rooms- I do fear irreparable harm has been done to the 2014 season bottom-line. The Vols will struggle mightily to meet the majority of their fan base’s meager hopes of a 6-6 regular season and bowl appearance. Barring the unforeseen, finishing the regular season at .500 will require a sweep of Kentucky and Missouri in November a task at this snapshot in time that looks very difficult if not unlikely. Conceding that one week of college football games can change the entire landscape and the Vols defense is good enough to keep them in most every contest a bowl berth is still a possibility. But with the lack of depth with which the Vols are currently plagued, a brutal/physical finish to October -sure to further deplete the roster- looming and our staff’s puzzling inflexibility my fear is there is a better chance that we lose a program record 8 games than win the requisite six....[more]
Posted: Thursday, October 2nd, 2014, 7:03 PM
by Beano



WHERE THERE’S A WILL THERE IS NO WOLVERINE Go Blue is through. Yes it appears Michigan has quit and many of its loyal fan base have followed suit. Brady Hoke has coached more like Hoker Phillips following up an impressive 11-2, Sugar Bowl Championship, in his inaugural 2011 season in Ann Arbor with diminishing returns 8-5 and 7-6 2012 and 13 campaigns each ending with close losses to bitter rival Ohio State and Bowl setbacks as well. This season has been a train wreck with wins over outmatched Appy State and Miami of Ohio -who have combined for one victory over someone named Campbell- and three blowout losses. There seems to be no way that Hoke can escape the Grim Reaper....[more]
KICK A DOG WEEK (No Animals were injured during the production of this blog)
Posted: Thursday, September 25th, 2014, 6:22 PM
by Beano



BIG-10 BLIP: I think I saw the corpse move. The Big-10 deservingly left for dead in the CFB Playoff picture after a disastrous first Saturday of September did not resuscitate it’s National Championship hopes but did throw a flurry of non-league counter punches prior to bidding the first month of the season adieu. The proud old league was 12-1 in Week 4 including 4-1 vs Power-5 Conference foes. Indiana –who lost to a Bowling Green team that Western Kentucky beat by 4 TDs in Week 1- earned the most impressive victory with a last second win vs previously unbeaten and then #18 ranked Missouri in Columbia (OK Tigers anymore embarrassments like that and back to the Big-12 you go). Though none of the other Power Conference wins were against ranked teams Iowa and Maryland also won on the road versus Pitt and Syracuse respectively and Nebraska defended the Lincoln turf with a victory over Miami....[more]
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